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100% Convinced I have a Brain tumor... please help :(

I am a 19 yo female and For the past 7 months I have been experiencing very strange and disturbing symptoms that at this point I am convinced I am going to die within the year and go back and forth with these thoughts. It is important to note that  have serious anxiety, have had it all my life but after a traumatic event i felt a slight sense of derealization or brain fog back in May. I immediately attributed this to a brain tumor and went to my GP and received a neurological exam, eye exams, and blood tests which came back as normal, attributed this to GAD. An MRI was not recommended and of course I was terrified of that so I have never had one. I had a serious neck injury several years ago that never truly healed and simultaneously was experiencing neck pain again so I started seeing a chiropractor and it was determined my C1 and C2 and lower spine as well were severely and moderately subluxated. Within 4 hours after the first adjustment, I felt a strange sensation in my inner cheek that I would describe as fullness, not necessarily numb. I continued going 2x a week all summer and eventually this same feel spread throughout the same side of my face. Not numb, more of a "pulling" "pressurized sensation. Concurrently, my anxiety has been getting much worse since and I have panic attacks fairly regularly and was recently prescribed xanax which is the only way I can stop thinking Im dying.Unfortnately, I attribute these attacks as being pre-seizures. Every day I think today will be the day of diagnosis, but I am too afraid to actually get an MRI because I'd rather live in ignorance as long as possible before my life is ruined and given an expiration date. Current symptoms still allow me to live my life, I'm in college, doing well, have friends, energy etc but this fear never leaves. Are my fears based in reality or can anxiety or possible nerve damage from these chiro sessions be the explanation? PLEASE someone help/ reassure/ guide me. The only hope I have is that its extremely strange all these symptoms began after I started seeing this chiro. All of these physical symptoms are worsened when I smoke weed, but it calms the thoughts down

* pressureized/ tingling on left side of face, cheek under eye. (intermittent, helped by xanax)

*tighter muscles when closing that side's eye

*left leg will feel "weird" but works completely functional, have had weakness measured, not weaker than the other but was measured and is shorter than the right leg

*occasional very inner ear pain on that side

*still have neck pain, reverse curve was shown on X-ray

*currently (recently terrified) cluster tension/ burning like head scalp pain on the right side. not necessarily a headache or migraine. I have not been to the chiro in weeks.

* both eyes will intermittently just feel weird, pressure behind them

* panic attacks, been obsessed with brain cancer since a girl i saw on the news died at 17 a few years ago.

*alternating head pressure on right side

please someone help me and respond. sometimes i can convince myself that I am experiencing nerve damage/ peripheral neuropathy or even psychosomatic symptoms. however it has been 7 months. i really don't want to die and every day I envision sitting in a doctors office being told I have stage 3/4 GBM or DIPG.
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please help
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A FEW of your physical symptoms may, indeed exist, but I'm far more inclined to think you have a very healthy case of hypochondria that is being exacerbated by goggling symptoms.

I recommend a very thorough physical work-up by your doctor and POSSIBLE referrals to specialists. If they recommend an MRI, do it. It does not hurt and gives them a much, much clearer picture of what may or may NOT be going on. I have had numerous MRI's and if they want you to have one, let me know and I'll walk you through the process.

You need to talk to your doctor about EVERYTHING you've written to us. Take a list so you will not forget anything.

If you are not in therapy for your anxiety, I strongly suggest you ask for a referral to a therapist. You mentioned a "traumatic" experience back in May after which the majority of your symptoms began to appear. I trust you can see the possible correlation.

I understand what you are going through, I understand your fears........but until you deal with these issues head on, your anxiety will continue to increase and the quality of your life will continue to decrease. You are too young to allow this situation to take over your life any more than it already has.

Please get the help you need.........get your life back.
Let us know how you're doing, OK?
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