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13 with chest pain?

I'm 13 Years old had panick attack disorder sence 9 I went to the doctor for chest pain and trouble breathing my doctor said I don't have heart problems and it's just anxiety I have been awake for the past 5 days till 2 am because I can't sleep with  the worry but I have had this for a week now and I feel it's not just anxiety what should I do?
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Aw sweetie, I'm sorry you're going through this.  You know your doctor has given you the "all clear".  Don't let the "what if" fear consume you.  That's what happens, you'll feel a sensation (a pain in the chest, for example), and then your mind runs away with the "what if" scenarios..."what if I'm having a heart attack?"...."what if I'll die?".  Of course, those thoughts cause MORE panic, which usually increases the symptoms (is chest pain), which makes you even more scared.  It's a vicious cycle for sure.

Have you ever sought professional help for your anxiety?  Have you talked to your parent(s) about what's going on?
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I experienced what you experienced. It was anxiety. But let me tell you why the physician believes it is not heart related.  First, chest pain related to heart condition is a debilitating condition. If you experienced a true heart attack. The EKG will show, whether you are on the verge of having one, actively having one, and whether you have had one. It is determined by the ST segment on the EKG. There are 12 leads in the EKG. In laymens terms, apicture of the electrical conduction of the heart is taken with 3 on the right 3 on the left 3 on the top and three on the bottom. I AM doing my best without getting TOO technical. So lets say you had a heart attack on the front of your heart..the EKG will show a DEPRESSED ST segment. The ST segment should not be elevated nor depressed it should be isoelectric (leveled) back to the heart attack: on the right side. The left the Left side and the left, the top, and the bottom will also show the reverse of the line should be. I wish I could explain it much more clearly without getting technical. Its like in order to decide fractions, you turn the fraction upside down.
Test number two, your  blood pressure, your rate of breathing, your oxygen level on your finger and your heart rate.
Test number three: blood tests. When the heart experiences a heart attack or even a momentary lack of blood flow, the heart produces an enzyme. An enzyme called troponin specific to the heart. Now when ANY muscle in the body suffers injury to ANY MUSCLE the body produces 2 other enzymes. (To be continued)
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Continuation: CK and CKMB.  If you or anyone has a heart attack the troponin will elevate 4-6 hours after the heart attack, or hearts lack of oxygen.  They the CK AND CKMB WILL also start to go SIGNIFICANTLY HIGH. ALL these three enzymes will continue to rise for the next 24-36 hours..then they will start climb down for 24 hours. A typical troponin level varies from hospital to hospital. But a NORMAL troponin is within the range of 0.04-0.08.   Very very tiny amount. As soon as the heart experiences ANY lack of oxygen, injury, or attack, the troponin will climb up to 0.18 more than double the highest normal.  And the CK AND CKMB
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CK and CKMB is typically between 40-140 for a female..for a male 40 - 175. If your CKMB is 148 or even 146.  This is a strong indicator of heart attack in process. So then they will check your blood again to double determine when you had the heart attack. The last blood test will show how SEVERE the heart attack was. Then an ultrasound of your heart will done to check the function of each heart valve . They check to see if you need heart medication to keep your heart as strong and healthy as it can be for the longest amount of time. Then you follow up with your CARDIOLOGIST every 3 months for one year. Then yearly.  I specialized in the chest pain unit for 5years..just so you know.  People can suffer heart attack and not even know it and still go about living for a long long time.  Once someone suffers a heart attack.  The ST SEGMENT  stays depressed because the heart muscle tissue is dead to that certain area of the heart. The heart will continue to work depending what part of the heart got affected. I see many patients with chest pain. But of all the patients I have seen my whole five years. Only 7 true heart attacks. They all are still living..but taking their medications. Changed their life styles. I saw 15 patients per week/60 per month/720 per year/3600 per year. So 7 out of 3600 were true heart attacks. Next I will attempt to explain what your chest pain may be related to. I have to eat now cuz my belly is grumbling
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Well the doctor said that I  don't get heart attacks she said I'm healthy and that my heart wasn't beating to fast or to slow she was laughing the whole time at me
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So sorry she laughed, but I believe she laughed because your chest pain or tightness is NOT RELATED TO A BAD HEART. Unfortunately, many doctors and medical professionals forget that the patient doesn't have the same educational information to MAKE the patients feel at ease. This is why I said what it ACTUALLY indicates a heart attack. So....next time you go to the doctor....ASK...DOCTOR, I KNOE YOU SAY THIS IS NOT A HEART ATTACK, BUT CAN YOU GIVE ME THE INFORMATON I NEED TO PUT MY MIND AT REST, I AM SO TIRED OF CONSTANTLY THINKING THIS IS A HEART..I WANT TO KNOW WHY THIS IS NOT A HEART ATTACK. IF I WAS HABING A HEART ATTACK...WHST TESTS WOULD YOU DO AND WHY?
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SO TRUE, when I went through nursing school I had my first panic attack, but I swear the feeling scared me so much that that I thought I WAS having a heart attack. Everyone kept saying...you're ttoo young..I was 32..this did not help me feel at ease, UNTIL I found help from the ATTACKING ANXIETY PROGRAM (Lucinda Bassett) Midwest Center. IT WAS THE BEST INVESTMENT I HAVE EVER EBER EVER MADE IN MY LIFE.
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I will tell you how I helped myself with my ANXIETY. I invested in a program called ATTACKING ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION PROGRAM. THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN AVAILABLE SINCE 1985...yes 1985.  Its a15 lessons. Each lesson is so simple because it based on finding out about yourself. (Why you feel the way you feel)
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1. Anxiety and depression: symptoms, causes and fears.

2. Six steps that will put an END to panic attacks.

3. Self talk: The KEY to a healthy self esteem.

4.  EXPECTATIONS:  How to expect less and get more.

5. EAT and exercise to rid yourself of anxiety and depression.

6. ANGER: Stop being angry and control your mood swings

7. ASSERTIVE BEHAVIOR: speak confidently and gain respect.
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Yogi there are 8 more lessons but will sum them up. PUT an END to what if thinking, get off the guilt and worry treadmill, how to stop OBSESSIVE AND SCSRY THOUGTS. THE truth about medications and alcohol. How to have coursge to change. Time management:  13 steps toward a balanced life. How to keep stress from becomimg anxiety. and REFLECTION: getting beyond s growth spurt.

I hope your parents or guardians are aware of your anxiety. If not, ask them this: I NEED help getting rid of my ANXIETY..but I don't want medications. I know I am causing myself anxiety. But I need help in teaching myself how to stop..I dont know how to do that. I want someone to teach me or I want to learn the skills.

Learning the skills to control anxiety. Is like learning a new skill:
Example: how to play the piano, how to type, how to hold a bat and hit s baseball, how to rollerskate, how to swim.

These are all things that require learning, and then you practice to get better at them.

As a child we have been taught how to brush our teeth, how to MAKE our bed, how to bathe, how to sweep, mop, vacuum, wash dishes, do our homework, how to speak politely to people.

These are all skills we learned.

I feel you just need skills to learn how to ease, control, and then END your anxiety.

Yogi25 I wish I could personally coach you.

But the fact you are here on medirlo, indicates to me YOU are and are gonna continue to be a RESOURCEFUL person.

I also feel that when you DO get rid of your anxiety.


YOU are the ONE who is causing your own anxiety..and YOU and only you are the ONLY one who can stop it.
This may sound scary but think of it like this...can you control anybody or what happens in life? No, however, you CAN control how you REACT to people or how you respond to situations. You can CHOOSE to REACT or RESPOND. REACTION requires NO thought process. RESPOND requires a thought process.

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The fact that you are here on MEDHELP, indicates to me that UOU are a very resourceful person. I feel you a bright student. I feel you may even be a loner.

I may be wrong..but if I'm right. Ask me why I feel that way.
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