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2 Questions


I have 2 questions about Anxiety.

My first question is "Is it possible to have a constant pounding heart, and a moving stomach (on every heartbeat) if you have anxiety"

My second question is "Is it possible that alcohol makes the pounding worse? (not at the time im drinking alcohol, but the day after) Even if I'm not more scared then normal"

Can anyone help! My docter told i had anxiety. But i forgot him to ask this questions.

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Yeah I know.

But I couldnt find it back. I used the search options, but I wasnt able to find it.

But thanks! I search again!
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I Need help!
by Jeroen

Apr 01, 2009 02:42PM
Tags: chest, heartbeat
Jereon, as you can see, you asked these same questions about a week ago. I would suggest you go back and reread the advice that was given to you at that time. Since you are obviously STILL concerned, I believe the advice I gave you at that time is even more relevant today. Nobody on this forum is a cardiologist and none of us can tell you, FOR SURE, what is going on with your heart. You need to talk to your doctor!
And FYI............if you want or need more advice or support, you only need to go to your original post, no matter what page it's on, write your question and repost. It will automatically go back to the top of the list.
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