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"2012" Anxiety

Just wondering if anybody but me gets "2012" anxiety? I can't watch the history channel some weeks or certain movies because I'll be in for a sleepless night worrying about where I'll hide my kids when the giant meteors hit or the sun blows up.  What do you do to get over this???  I've been trying not to pay attention to the (what I acknowledge is) hype... but high anxiety just runs away with my brain sometimes.
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If this post is for real and you're actually losing sleep over these issues, I can assure you that if Earth IS struck by a giant meteror or the sun blows up, you won't have the time, nor the need, to "hide" your children. An "event" of the magnitude you're describing would pretty much end life as we know it almost instantly.
I really don't know what to say to help you get over these fears. The world has been here a very long time and baring human stupidity, there's no reason to think it won't be around for a few more million years.
The scientists DO know that eventually the sun will burn out, but not for an extraordinarily long time. As for it "blowing up," I don't think the people who know about such things are too worried about that happening any time soon.
I guess it's better that you focus your anxiety on what MIGHT destroy us from outer space. If you were to think about the real and right now threats happening all around us today, the sun blowing up would probably be a blessing.
If you can't just lay this fear down and get on with life, I would suggest therapy to help you deal with these fears, not just for yourself but your children. You certainly don't want to "infect" them with your somewhat irrational fears.
Besides, if that quack preacher just happens to be right about the world ending next Saturday, none of us will have to worry about any of this ever again.
I strongly suggest a trip to Disneyland.
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This is the way I look at it. I have had to have my heart stopped and started 5 times due to SVT, which I may have an ablation that could help it. So everytime I have to go to the ER, I know that I could die. So I have learned that no matter what happens in 2011 -2012 it really doesn't matter. beside God is the ONLY one who know when, where, and how.!!!! Dont Fret about it. Just LIVE for the time that we all have now. I guess My therory is well NO taxes. No Gas prices, No bills... honey just breathe!!!!!!   god will take care of you and your family and all of us.... well I hope this has helped with you Anxiety of the 2012 issue.
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My motto is don't worry about the world ending today because somewhere its already tomorrow. But honestly I did some research on this preacher, who btw has no idea what he's talking about because it specifically says in the bible no one, not even the angels knows when then end is except God, so this saturday is out. As far as 2012 is concerned...scientists have said that the sun won't burn out for another 5 billion years or something ridiculous like that. There's been prophecies of the end times as long as there's been life on earth. Try not to worry, there's nothing anyone can do anyway. If its meant to end it will end. No use worrying about it until it does. If the fears are really that serious and interfering with your life you should def see a therapist. They can really help with anxiety and irrational fears.
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Folks, this post IS for real, and I didn't intend to make it sound otherwise.  I KNOW this is a completely irrational fear, but I was curious if anyone really thinks about this...  The thoughts I have on this are private; I do not share them with my children or really, many other people.  Now I'm pretty sorry that I shared them here.
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I think I jumped the gun-- I wanted to say thanks kbug and erin for your thoughtful words.  That's what I tell myself too. Honestly what could I do about it?  Nothing really.  It still gets me hyped up.  So I try not to think about it and avoid those kind of movies, shows etc.  
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Your fears are completely rational, don't let anybody make you feel otherwise. Everyone on this forum should understand anxiety, and this is a clear symptom of extreme anxiety, which can be cured, so no need to worry! Honestly, I used to be worried about 2012 too, but I also was not that knowledgeable about it. I suggest that you watch these two videos and really ponder upon them--


I can promise you that 2012 is NOT the end, it is actually the beginning. My fiancée thankfully opened my eyes to all of this. The Mayan calendar  re-sets itself in 2012. There are 9 pillars (steps) in the front of the Mayan Temple—these steps each represent evolution of the human mind and a higher frequency of energy on earth. As the steps count up, the frequency gets higher, and our minds are able to further expand. As we get to the 9th pillar in 2012, it is said that the frequency of energy that will be transmitted to earth (from the shifting of Uranus and Aries), will be so strong, that it will change our minds and lives forever. It will completely expand the human mind to a new way of thinking that we could never even imagine now. We will be able to see things in different ways than we ever have before, and think in a completely more expansive, open manner. Medicines, technology, etc will be extraordinarily advanced. The world will be at peace. But first will come an up roaring (wars) due to all of the change.  The government will not agree with this new way of thinking, because it will mean that the truth of all things will be revealed. There will be no more secrets anymore that the government will hide; the world will eventually be what life beyond it knows it should and can be. Also, I believe that there is a huge potential of extraterrestrial  life coming to earth. There have been more and more finding of life on other planets, and too many government encounters with spaceships, etc. One the extraterrestrial life does come down (if they do at this time), it would tie in with the enlightenment, because everyone on earth would have their eyes completely opened. Their minds would all change, because they would be forced to think in a completely different realm, than just earth. I think this would help a lot of people with anxiety, including myself, because you begin to realize that your problems aren't really that big, compared to everything else that is happening in the world. So try not to worry about 2012!! It is going to be something wonderful--NOT what everyone else makes it out to be! =) Trust me, going this route cured my anxiety about 2012. I hope that it can help yours too, because I know how frustrating anxiety is. Maybe this will be one less thing you will have to worry about now =) I wish you the best of luck, and am here if you want to talk about anything.
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I don't alone anymore this Judgement day and all had had me on end I have been having panic attacks nevervousness and feeling scared all the time I was beginning to feel that I was the only one that felt this way everyone laughed at me and kinda made jokes about how I feel and I still can't seem to shake it even though the so called Judgement day that was suppost to happen didn't I am still on ends and I don't know what to do about it but I feel stupid if I go to the doctor over it thinking that they will just laugh at me to I did make me an appointment to go see a counsilar but it isn't until june 23 I really need some help now to help ease this felling I have I don't know what is scaring me now I just keep this feeling that something is going to hurt my family but it all started with this judgement day thing but now that it is over now what do I do the feelings still didn't go away and I can't sleep thinking that I will not wake up in the morning and not be there for my kids Where do I go from here?
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I am so sorry that you are going through such a troublesome time. I can understand how scary it must be for you having a family, and thinking about all of these things that might happen. You are NOT crazy, so try not to feel that way. Know that there are many other people out there like you, they are just dispersed around the world, therefore making it hard for you to find people that think that same way that you do. Just know, that if a judgement day does happen, your kids and yourself will be safe, together, not alone. Also, don't listen to all of these crazy people predicting judgement day--no one can predict that but God. These people try to be prophets themselves and want to lead something to get attention. The world has not ended yet, and this prediction has happened before. The world is actually on its way to becoming something much better than it is now (read my above comment if you'd like). You and your family are safe. Try to focus on the good that is to come, not the bad. I know it is really hard having a family and worrying about them, but everything will be ok. They will will not be left alone. Stay strong. Things will get better =)
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