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22 year old experincing dizzy spells and blurry vision in one eye.

So I have been experiencing light headedness, vertigom, feeling like im going to faint, fast heart rate, and blurred vision in one eye. I went to the ER after all of this I have had GAD for  3+ years now (I am 22)  I had ekg, blood work, XRAY. And going to make an appointment to cardiologist to have and ecg done. Anyone hjave symptoms like this?
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What did they tell you at the ER? While most of us with any kind of anxiety disorder can relate to nearly all these symptoms, blurred vision in just one eye is not typical. I suggest you make the appointment with the cardiologist and follow his/her advice as soon as possible.
The doctor in the ER said that it’s more than likely anxiety related. Because the blood work, ekg, and Chest X-ray. Are normal.  I haven’t had the blurrines much i can’t tell if it’s my contact so I’m freaking out.
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A lot of things can cause these symptoms, including anxiety (other than the blurred vision).  Thyroid problems, blood sugar imbalances, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies ( such as Vitamin D and magnesium, to name two), migraines or migraine-like vascular irregularities are some that come to mind without even thinking about it.  So just be patient until the docs are through looking into this.  Question:  as this has been going on, is your anxiety peaking as well?
Yes it had pretty bad. I just got put on Paxil, so your name is ironic.
I think you should talk at length with Paxiled. His advice at this point is invaluable.
Why Paxil?  Is this your first med you've tried for anxiety?  And why are they giving you this before eliminating all possible physiological causes -- I've just listed several and I didn't even have to think about it.  Just asking.  
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