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3 years of bliss and back to hell, remission?

man i can't believe this, 3 years of bliss and back in hell i am. just 2 months ago, i got a severe panic attack at night, with body shivers and bad shaking. from then and onward is been a bad ride. i always noted that on my left ear i had some kind of tinnitus, not really bad or anything, but after that attack it just gets worse. yesterday i couldn't sleep because of it, it's driving me insane. the typical signs of an anxiety disorder are back and worse than ever. dazed and confused, derealization, fear of going insane, VERY LOUD tinnitus on my left ear, lack of sleep, depression, intrussive thoughts, the whole pack!  i went to an otorhino for the tinnitus, the Doc prescribed me Sermion (nicergoline) but it did not work, so the culprit for my tinnitus is anxiety (hopefully)
at this moment i felt the need to write this down because i can't find a way to calm myself, it's really overwhelming and my brain is racing. i don't want to take meds, i don't want to become addicted to meds, i wan't to kick anxiety's *** cold turkey.
please, if anybody has words of wisdom for me at the moment, anything would be greatly aprreciated.
or if anybody has had something like this, and can certainly say it's not anxiety, please let me know!
any input would help me right now.
best regards.
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617474 tn?1466635798
please anyone, lend me a hand
617474 tn?1466635798
please anybody out there?
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Hi, abreaken. I'm very sorry to hear about your relapse. I understand that you do not wish to be on any more medications for anxiety, so my non-medical opinion is that perhaps you should try to find a psychotherapist. My therapist helped me discover personal coping methods that I was able to use in times of rattled nerves that were beneficial to me. If you try this for a while and you seem to be getting nowhere in spite of good counseling, I would urge you to take another crack at medication. Best wishes and I know you'll beat it somehow.
617474 tn?1466635798
thank you very much for your words. i know it's difficult. my tinnitus has been very quiet lately which has helped me a lot. however, the derealization, confusion and intrusive thoughts are annoying but not as bad as years ago. nothing i can't cope with. best regards and hope you are doing good too
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