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5 hour energy drink caused anxiety

Has anyone out there experienced anxiety die to this drink?
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I would never drink it because of my anxiety. I have heard of people feeling anxious after drinking it because it is very stimulating.
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Absolutely.  NOT something a person with anxiety should drink.  Honestly, I don't think anyone should drink them, just my opinion.

A person with anxiety should avoid stimulating substances as much as possible.  That's one for the list for sure.
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Hi yeah I had never drank one and had 0 anxiety issues prior to.....worst decision I've made.....
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isn't it just chock full of caffeine--ginseng or some herbal stimulant---ingredients that resemble speed in their action!!! Makes ya jittery. Makes for panic--paranoia--i can' understand why it is legal! And available to kids at school!! From machines. In every store around here and even really young kids can get them. As many as they want. Speed! Ok caffeine(a huge dose)  ---gateway to speed!
I am betting you stay away from them now.
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This particular drink is a combination of caffeine containing stimulants and B vitamins.  It's not as bad as some, but some people can't handle stimulants.  All these products have had problems with some individuals.  As to the above, some ginseng can be very stimulating but it can also be calming if used correctly, depending on the type of ginseng.  That's not what's found in these drinks, the main stimulant in them is caffeine in both pure medicinal form and in the form of certain caffeine containing herbs such as guarana and kola nut and yerba mate, often combined for maximum effect.  While those who suffer anxiety should stay away, even those who don't should find better ways to increase energy, such as meditation, super foods, and adaptogens that don't overstimulate.  But Americans do love their stimulants -- that's why there's a Starbucks on every corner and MacDonalds and Dunkin' Donuts are selling more coffee than food.
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what is taurine? It is a main ingredient in some of these. And paxiled  is right about types of ginseng and their effect. I take american ginseng and sometimes siberian with wonderful results.However i have seen some real panic freak-outs with folks who take too much ginseng---and insomnia. Be careful especially with anxiety issues.                                                     Caffeine is the problem especially with 5-hr. drink as you can see in this chart.

Coca-Cola Classic 100.05 2.875 23 mg (8 fl oz or 237 mL)[1]
Cola 95–130 2.8–3.9 34–46 mg (12 fl oz or 355 mL)
Cola (Diet) 110–141 3.25–4.16 39–50 mg (12 fl oz or 355 mL)
Coffee, brewed 230–580 (varies) 7–16 (varies) 56–128 mg (8 fl oz/237 mL/1 cup)
Coffee, instant 300–467 (varies) 9–14 (varies) 71–111 mg (8 fl oz/237 mL/1 cup)
Espresso 600–1700 (varies) 20–50 (varies) 36–102 mg (2 fl oz or 59.15 mL)
Dr Pepper (in the United Kingdom, America, Netherlands & Malta) 187 4.62 37 mg (8 fl oz or 237 mL)
55 mg (12 fl oz or 355 mL)
Pepsi 104 3.08 25 mg (8 fl oz or 237 mL)[2]
37 mg (12 fl oz or 355 mL)
Tea 169–211 (varies) 5–6.33 (varies) 40–50 mg (8 fl oz or 237 mL)
Current [edit]

Energy drink Caffeine
(mg/L) Caffeine
(mg/fl oz) Caffeine per serving (quantity) Additional notes
5-Hour Energy 2349.1 69.5 139 mg (2 fl oz or 59.15 mL) Does not list the actual amount of caffeine in the product but states "Contains about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. check coffee----they lie!
Those with anxiety------watch out.

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Taurine is a pseudo-amino acid that is the main precursor to manufacturing GABA along with co-factors such as B6.  It's usually a relaxant, but some people do get contrary reactions when dealing with GABA.  It also tends to combine with certain other substances to actually increase energy, as opposed to its main purpose to produce the body's main relaxant.  American ginseng is cooling and lowers blood sugar.  Siberian ginseng doesn't exist anymore, the proper term is Eleuthero, and it's not in the ginseng family at all.  Chinese and Korean ginseng are the more energizing ones, and the longer they're aged the more energizing they are.  They're considered very yang, and can be over-stimulating for some people, especially if used incorrectly.
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Thanks for the info paxiled.
So, if as you say america is in love with stimulants then pretty soon the whole world will be full of a bunch of paranoid speed-freaks being run by the manufacturers and dealers (don't forget the pimps-of-product!-sex-merchants)
Violence and sex! It sells! And hey we need the money huh? Everybody join in. Guys----what---or who--is the real cult in usa?  
And i didn't even throw in the "opiate of the masses"  or *****....religion!
Yeah---so anxiety seems to be a "normal" response to what we see every day. Normal to be like us! What a concept.  
Like the poor canaries in the mine......
You know----i really do think we are pretty normal (over-sensitive maybe ) in our response (anxiety) to an effed up society around us. Who wouldn't be a little anxious?

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Check this out you guys---especially the last part.
about l-theanine....some of these drinks have it too. A product i have melts in your mouth (l-theanine) and the name of it is Relax!...
tea might have the same effects found in those studies.[8] However, one recent study by Unilever found that smaller doses typical of those found in a cup of tea did induce changes in alpha waves as shown by EEG.[9] Alpha waves occur in the brain and are associated with relaxation.
Effects on the brain [edit]
Able to cross the blood–brain barrier, theanine has psychoactive properties.[10] Theanine has been studied for its potential ability to reduce mental and physical stress,[11] improve cognition[12] and boost mood and cognitive performance in a synergistic manner with caffeine.[13][14][15][16][17][18]
While structurally related to the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate, theanine only has weak affinity for the glutamate receptor on postsynaptic cells.[19] Rather, its primary effect seems to increase the overall level of the brain inhibitory transmitter GABA.[citation needed] Theanine also increases brain dopamine levels and has a low affinity for AMPA, kainate and NMDA receptors.[20] Its effect on serotonin is still a matter of debate in the scientific community, with studies showing increases and decreases in brain serotonin levels using similar experimental protocols.[5][21] It has also been found that injecting spontaneously hypertensive mice with theanine significantly lowered levels of 5-hydroxyindoles in the brain.[22] Researchers also speculate it may inhibit glutamic acid excitotoxicity.[20] Theanine also promotes alpha wave production in the brain.[10]
Studies on test rats have shown even repeated, extremely high doses of theanine cause little to no harmful psychological or physical effects.[23] Theanine showed neuroprotective effects in one rat study.[24]
A placebo-controlled trial has shown adding theanine to ongoing antipsychotic medication is helpful in reducing some symptoms of schizophrenia.[7]
Several beverage manufacturers are selling drinks containing theanine and are marketing them as drinks to help people focus and concentrate,[8] while other manufacturers claim relaxing and tranquillizing properties.[7]
I don't know if five-hour has this. Some do.
Removes warts!...,...Sounds like a politician! Or snake-oil salesperson. It i
It is reported that Alpha waves equal relaxation  and stress so might be good for anxiety!  More research please about anything that can help us. Oh yeah....$$$$$....forgot!           be well          om    
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Do want to say, I managed health food stores for 18 years and never knew theanine to work for anyone, including me, but I have seen those studies.  But it's why I tell people who like caffeine but are jittery with it to use green or white tea -- the theanine content and the high amount of antioxidants balance out the system, which coffee and caffeine-containing herbs don't do.  Could be I just never figured out the right dosage of theanine for people to take.  Always worth a try.
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The first ever thing that triggered off my panics and anxiety was a energy drink on a hot day, too much caffiene which gives you a rush and a panic disorder, its not nice at all...
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