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A Real Problem or The Power of The Mind?


I think this is the right spot for my post as I have been suffering from anxiety, paranoia and being generally nervous since last oct.

I have posted here before in the 'STI' section and the reason for my upset, I became very upset with worry about HIV for some time, had 3tests over 4months and have been told that I'm all clear and the GUM (I'm in the UK) are not concerned about me.

The reason for my ongoing anxiety is the fact I have been suffering from an upset tongue since mid dec (dark red, sore looking down the middle with dry fuzzy feeling) which has since turned to oral thrush (I have white patches on/down the middle of the surface of the tongue with the dry fuzzy feeling) in the last 2months or so. One reason for these problems could be a 1week course of strong antibiotics I took about 3months ago (3tabs, 4times a day= 12tabs a day), once I finished them the tongue issue started and has continued to date, but I took them 3months ago, could my tongue have been that badly affected?

Just recently in the last week I have had a sore red patch on my upper gums at the back of my mouth (above the back teeth) which has now turned into a small ulcer type spot. I realise it could be an ulcer but I've never had one last a week and my gums above my back teeth were quite red and sore looking before this happened, its the same on the other side too but not too bad and just a sore patch, no ulcer type spot on the other side yet.

Basically this isn't helping my mental health and I'm really very anxious and nervous with worry about whats going on and why I have these problems. Could this all be simply the power of my mind and I'm running down my own immune system with constant worry!!? is it possible that the power of the mind can do this and cause such symptoms!!??

One thing has led to another ever since last oct when I started getting odd symptoms which led me to worry about HIV even though I now know I was never really at risk (recieved unprotected oral sex from women on 3occasions). I want to get on with my life but I can't shake these problems and I'm terrified I may have mouth cancer or even HIV still....I can't help it, if the problems weren't here I wouldn't worry...simple.

I have been advised by the health adviser at the GUM clinic that its very possible that its all mental and I'm doing it myself but I really need other peoples advice and knowledge here, more opinions would be helpful :) thanku.
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You can do two things before going to a doctor and KNOWING it's not just in your mind. The state can help out with both if you don't have the money. Trying these things first will help you KNOW that it's not in your head, and also keep you from getting medications you most likely don't need.

Therapy and natural tips/techniques are the two things you want to try first. It actually don't take that long to control panic/anxiety attacks if both two things are done. It took me three weeks to go from intense life changing panic attacks that sent me into derealization and depersonalization to controlling my panic to where I hardly ever have them, even after 4 years.

I will copy/paste the tips/techniques that I used to control my panic disorder and as I said, if you don't have the income to pay for a therapist, your state will be able to help you out. They helped me and it only cost me $20.00 a session and was worth every penny and more.

Please keep us posted and good luck. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

Ok, there are pre panic tips and full panic tips.

Let's start with the pre panic tips.

A rubber band around the wrist can help if you use it before the anxiety turns into an anxiety attack. As soon as you start to feel weird you snap the rubber band onto your wrist. For some people, this can "snap" (pun intended) them out of going into the anxiety or panic attack.

When you start to feel the anxiety coming on, think of the most odd thoughts you possibly can. Wonder what a star would look like if it were really a circle in disquise.......how many cattapilars would it take to reach from the earth to saturn if they were drinking caffine. Distracting your thoughts with such bizaare thinking will redirect your mind from getting worse.

Sit down on a bench or chair, put your head between your legs, and force yourself to breathe in deeply, and breathe out deeply. It's when the breathing gets to short and quick that the panic gets worse. At first you might feel like you  can't do it, but with practice, you can.

If you wear correctional glasses, take them off. For some reason sight plays into some peoples anxiety problems.

Ok, now for when you are in an actual panic attack.

Cold water on the face, forehead, neck, and wrists can help calm the anxiety or panic down. If it's cold enough, it's kind of like shocking you out of the attack.

To add to the cold water technique, if you are in full blown panic attack, find ice as soon as you can, put it into some kind of rag or cloth, wet it, and rub it all over your head, face, neck, and behind your ears. Again, the cold shocks the mind out of the anxiety.

Here are some tips to prevent the anxiety and or panic attacks.

Stay away from caffine, as a rule, it is the MAIN reason people suffer from anxiety disorder and panic disorder.

Surround yourself with comedy whenever you start to feel off. Laughter is another technique that can fool the brain into concentrating somewhere else.

Keep a herbal tea you made handy when you are out and about. If you want, as long as you make sure it is safe for you, I will send you some "calm down" recipies that are 100% natural and legal.

Also, there are disposable instant cold packs you can buy from 99 cent stores to use for the cold, this makes it easy to find relief when driving, at work, or some other place a sink is not always available.
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The anti-biotics have by the sounds of things completely thrown your good bacteria in your stomach out of whack allowing Candida to run riot.  You need to replace this good bacteria by taking a pro and pre biotic and to help kill the Candida think about taking a strong Garlic supplement something like 500mg of freeze dried.  There is a product u can get in the UK called Eco-balance, which will put you right. Candida overgrowth can continue for years if it isn't treated so it doesn't surprise me in the slightest that 3 months later you are still suffering.  Cut down on sugary foods, processed foods as these will prompt growth too. Have a look on the net regarding Candida overgrowth.

Thing is one symptom of Candida overgrowth is also Anxiety, it can cause severe nervousness.  I personally feel there is a bit of both anxiety states going on, the candida is causing anxiety plus your mindset is too.  

Treatment is over the course of a few months with the Candida supplements and by following a very healthy diet and I'm positive that within a week or two you will start to notice a calmer, more relaxed sensation within your body, which in turn will have a positive effect on your mind.
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Plus just to add due to you experiencing severe health anxiety you really should also get urself into therapy, CBT (cognitve behavioural therapy), there is a new system called 'The complex non-psycotic team' which has just been introduced in the Uk, London. So it would be a positive step forward to get yourselve into therapy to address these fears.

P.s if the ab ove didn't quite make sense, sorry, am writing this from my mobile and is hard to re-read what is being written, so need to properly focus..lol
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So not mouth cancer then? that is what is worrying me lately due to the ulcers :(
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NO!  Not mouth cancer.  Typical of anxious thinking...you're worrying about the worst case scenario.  

Strong antibiotics can cause thrush, and some thrush is very difficult to get rid of (been there myself).  There is a mouthwash (antifungal) called Nystatin that really works well in treatment of oral thrush.  In stubborn cases, a person may need several courses of Nystatin, or other similar anti-fungal preparations to finally get rid of the thrush. I've seen patients on these anti-fungals for 2+ months before improvements are noticed. Severe cases of thrush are very painful, with irritations and ulcerated areas on the tongue, making eating and drinking extremely hard.

To confirm if this is what is going on, you need to see your doc, who will be able to treat the thrush.

As for the HIV, your tests are 100% conclusive, believe them.  You DON'T have HIV.  GUM clinics are excellent caretakers when it comes to STD prevention, testing, etc.  They know what they're doing.

You need to see your doc to sort out your oral symptoms.  I'd put money on it being a stubborn case of thrush caused by antibiotics.

Let us know.
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Oh, I forgot to add, that if you DO indeed have thrush (dx'ed by a doc) and haven't been treated yet, most definitely it could be that severe, and still hanging around.  Most cases of thrush require some sort of treatment to resolve.  So, if you were just waiting it out, and you have thrush, that could easily explain the length of your symptoms, and the severity.

Again, you need a trip to your doc to rule in, or rule out thrush and go from there.
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I have seen the doc about 3times with these probs ever since it started after the antibiotics, my tongue wasn't white then but dark red and sore looking with the fuzzy sensation (always had that), I was told it was fine but given Nystatin and it didn't work. I have since had Nystatin 3times and it did nothing and the docs still said it wasn't an issue :( although 2 occasions I saw docs at the walk in centre.

I'm seeing my main doc soon and I will mention these eco-balance tabs and that whole idea, believe me I'm gonna moan hehe

The ulcer/gums seem to be better today actually, I have been washing my mouth with warm salty water so that may have helped. Seeing dentist in a week so he can have a look too, I am due for a root canal as my front tooth has an infection due to the nerve being dead, any chance that may have a factor here??

I have been told it is thrush before but up to now people have just throw nystatin at me yet it hasn't worked, I think these proper supplements is what I need. The antibiotics were for cellulitis on my toes and I think it was a strong weeks course for sure, 12tabs a day!! penicillin I think, they made my urine smell of antibiotics too I remember, that nasty plastic smell, I do believe those damn things have virtually poisoned me.

I reckon I will be ok once these issues have gone, it has been the constant 'one after another' problem that has run me down whilst worrying about HIV at the same time. Something did happen to me last Oct when I started having minor headaches/dizzyness/hot numb feeling on my forehead, this is what started everything off and got me worrying about HIV even though I never did anything to catch it (I know now). Since then its been a string of things that have lead into each other but I still wonder what on earth happened to cause those symptoms in the first place as I was fine before. They seem to have gone now after about 5months but the worry really tore me up, once this mouth issue is cleared I can calm down....I'm trying now.
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Seeing your dentist is definitely the next logical step, he'll be able to let you know if there is any difference in his opinion on the thrush diagnosis.

As I said, it IS entirely possible to have thrush that is difficult to get rid of and that doesn't respond to the anti-fungals.  Basically, keep working with your docs and dentist.  I would ask for an alternative Rx for thrush (there are many) and see if that helps.

Some people are much more prone to yeast infections from antibiotics and some have a HARD time getting rid of them.  I'm one of the unfortunates who gets a yeast infection after only one or two doses of an antibiotic.  I'll spare you the details on how my yeast infections differ from thrush (lol)...but you get the idea.

I had oral thrush a few times, but one occasion it was a bi*** to get rid of.  And, it was severe.  It was like my entire mouth (gums, tongue) were covered in ulcers.  It was awful. It was VERY painful and made eating virtually impossible.   After several go-rounds with the Nystatin, and a course of an oral anti-fungal, I finally got over it...but it was a good 2-3 months if not a little longer.

Hang in there...it's tough when these kids of things happen with such a battle to get better.  Try to remember that anxiety can affect something like this as well, so try to address the anxiety as best as you can while you muddle through with the oral issues.

Good luck!
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Thank you for yr help, the anxiety doesn't help for sure as I keep thinking there is an underlining reason for the problem..I can't help but think that u know :(

Luckily I don't think the thrush I have is very bad, my tongue is white near the back of my throat and down the middle but its like a sugar coating and quite thin looking, its not thick atall. I don't have any lesions or anything like that under the white layer so I can scrape it off and I don't get any blood or pain, its like a slight layer of translucent/pale skin that just comes off. I have had no other probs up to a week ago when the gums above my back teeth were sore and I had one ulcer which does seem better today as said. Its been this way for about 2months now but the fuzzy dry feeling and dark red issue has been around since dec.

On another note about the supplements eg.eco-balance, that does sound good, do you think its decent stuff? I will ask my doc, I'm always alittle unsure of medicine advertised online and only available online uknow, unsure if its good stuff, also I noticed it mentions freeze dried garlic as one of the 4tabs you take, this got me thinking...I remember a work mate saying he takes garlic tabs (along time ago this was), whats with garlic?? why/how does that help your bacteria balance? should I be taking garlic tabs right now??

I have taken seven seas cod liver oil tabs for afew yrs now and I have taken seven seas multibionta activate tabs here and there, are those maybe upsetting the balance now its upset from the antibiotics? should I stop with those and maybe take garlic tabs or take garlic tabs with those?
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I just wanted to drop a line about the mouth ulcers - I get that as well when I get very stressed - like a rash of LARGE canker sores in strange places (ex. back of mouth between cheek and gum), and sore spots on the gum occasionally.  I can't remember having injured my mouth in those areas, so as far as I can tell they are spontaneous.  They are VERY painful and cause my whole neck to swell up and I can hardly eat!!  They usually last about a week before they heal.  This happens to me in very memorable episodes of about 3-4 times a year. Does this sound similar to what you're experiencing?

One thing that I try that seems to help sometimes (but takes time to work) is taking over the counter famotidine (Ex. Pepcid AC) regularly for a few days.  I also flush the sores with hydrogen peroxide (which burns like @#$% but disinfects).  Also trying not to drink acid-rich things like orange juice or cola which really aggravates it.

I have never gotten conclusive medical advice on them or whether the ulcers could be related to thrush but after reading this, I will ask my doctor, too. I take inhaled corticosteriods for asthma which can contribute to thrush spells.  I did ask the dentist about this before, but since it didn't seem poor dental health was a contributor, he referred me back to my regular doctor.
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The ulcer I have is indeed between the cheek and gum, right in that meeting point at the very top at the back of the mouth, above the back teeth and its a b***h. Had it about a week now but it started as a red sore patch or area on the gum...odd.

Seems to feel like its getting better then it seems to come back abit....damn it!!!

Anyone know of these garlic tabs?? if they are good for my thrush issue :)
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Eco-balance is 4 different capsules taken over the course of the day, one is a strong pre and pro biotic, another is L-Glutamine an amino acid that repairs the intestinal lining that drugs such as strong anti-biotics can interfer with, another is the freexe dried garlic which is what kills the Candida that in the body (not just the intestines) and brings it back into control and lastly Cinnimon capsule that acts as a strong anti-oxidant, to clear the body of Candida toxins.  Just to make you aware that oral thrush is Candida and seeing as traditional medicine hasn't worked so this kinda tells me you need to treat ur body as a whole and not just using mouth rinses to treat the localized area,  You won't be able to get Eco-balance from your doctor as it is classed as a herbal supplement, but you can get it online... Just to let u know I have used this product before due to an over growth in my intestines (confirmed through a stool sample) and it made a difference to my general anxiety level and stopped the constant female thrush episodes that was occuring and digestion issue I was facing. You may need to take these supplements for a few month or longer but the results will be truely worth it.

google Eco-balance supplement as ur in the UK, it should come up on a herbalist web-site that sells loads of other supplements, it look a bit like the Holland and Barrett web-site, although H and B don't do this.

Plus as other people have told you it sounds extremely uinlikely to be mouth cancer, that is ur health anxiety doing its part there making u think the worst.  As I mentioned before stop your sugar intake as well as its feeding the thrush and making it worse.
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