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I can't afford Vyvanse anymore, it's $150.00. We switched insurance plans. I don't like what Adderral XR did for me either. I feel like just stop taking it all together. I haven't had it in 4 days now.
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Hey there...
I  relate to the aggravation of high costs of meds and worrisome insurance.

What I want to ask is...have you taken this problem up with your doctor?  Often our doctors have no idea we are struggling with these issues on top of our disorder.   You might get some help from him/her...

Know it is tempting to just stop when encountering these barriers..but pls don't if med is working for you.

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Have you tried the "regular"  Adderral?  For me, not being an extended release tablet, it gives me more control and I just take it when I need it.  Furthermore, they are available generically as well.  
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