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ADD and anxiety?

I am 43 never been seen for ADD but pretty sure I have it. my 10 yr old does.. so anyways... as for that I was wondering if that could be the reason I can't sleep at night.. It's like I try but can't then in the day like around noon I get very tired  , enough to fall asleep at the wheel it seems sometimes. It's like I feel like I've been drug-ed to fall asleep. why is that? It is happening more often now the drowsy feeling during the daytimes. and the room felt like in motion like a little dizzy but not dizzy though. like felt beneath me was maken me feel off balance in way. a couple of times.It was a strange motion like feeling. I was told I have anxiety and ansomnia though>>>
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Hi, I'm not sure about ADD in adults who  have not been diagnosed at an earlier age, however this is something you could "google" and research. I would also mention this to your Dr. and see what he/she thinks. As far as the not sleeping at night, ok you said you were diagnosed with insomnia and anxiety? Was this diagnosed from a Dr ? If so then i would say that your tiredness through the day would be partly due to the lack of sleep your getting at night and anxiety. I have anxiety/panic disorder and that alone makes me very tired most days. As far as the motion feeling, I have that also and was told by my Dr that was one of the many many feelings anxiety can cause. To me it always feels like i'm sea sick. Are you on medications for your anxiety ? It wouldn't hurt to mention the tiredness and motion sickness to your Dr. and see if they think this is related to the anxiety or the meds if your on any. Hope this helps.
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Go to www.womentowomen.com site as it's a tremendous help to understand anxiety/panick symptoms during your perimenopausal symptoms.  Long story short, I got anxiety due to a back injury which, of course, causes a tremendous amount of stress on the body..hence, anxiety.  However, I have been getting my anxiety (tightening in chest, throat, butterflies in stomach, dizziness, etc.) and began researching for almost a year on perimenopause.  The aforementioned website is a lifesaver in that it, at least, explains what you're going through so that you don't feel like it's in your head and you're going crazy.  Perimenopause starts as early as in your 30s so don't exclude it.

Hope this helps.  God Bless.
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I have the same feelings you do on a daily basis with some relief around 7pm. I always feel like I am walking on a boat, dizzy, but not really, along with that, mood swings, irritible, panic attacks. I just started Estrogen because my gyno thinks I am in early menopause, my mom had menopause early, I am 32. My estrogen is non existent when it should be at its peak right now. Anyway, I don't kow how to eleviate it, but I completely understand.
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I'm hearing this regularly now from girls I know, that they are starting early.  I'm curious..how did you get tested for estrogen levels?  What estrogen are you taking?  I just had a gyne appt. on Wednesday and they basically told me, in an aloof way, just deal with the symptoms.  They said there is no real way to test my hormone levels and all they would really do is put me on birth control in order to control my cycle.  

My doc. of 11 years told me a year ago when I started my anxiety attacks, that there's no way I'm going through the change.  It just amazes me how many docs. have different opinions hence, my previous post on www.womentowomen.com...that website answered more questions for me that all the doctors I saw last year spending over $4K! for no real answer.
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