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Hello All,

I have just started going to the Mental Health folks here at my Air Force Base for multiple issues (sleeping problems, anxiety in certain situations, difficulty concentrating for periods of time, ect...).  My question is, I know that both ADD and GAD have pretty much the same symptoms, can I have both or can their be a miss diagnosis of either one.  There are certain rules in the military in relation to both diseases and I want to make sure I am diagnosed properly so if they decide I am not fit for duty that I am compensated properly.  I have deployed ten times and I know that some of the situations that I have been in could cause the Anxiety portion, but I dont think that I can prove that if I have ADD that it was caused or started while I was in the military.

Thanks alot for any inputs
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Most people with ADD usually realize it early on in life especially when they are in school.  The teachers usually notice when a child is not paying attention.  I'm assuming you are young enough that ADD medications were available when you were in school?  They weren't for me so even if I did have it, which I think I do to some degree, nobody would have ever known what it was.  So my best guess is that you have anxiety which can develop at any age.  Not sleeping -- anxiety, situational anxiety, concentrating with anxiety...who can do that?  

My son has ADHD...It is not something you miss.  

In any event, I am not a doctor so you can't take my opinions and run with them.  The Mental health people will figure it out for you.  
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Thanks alot.. What I was told however, is that some people have ADD/ADHD as a child, but sometimes it takes certain events or circumstances as an adult to make it worse or for it to show up.. Have you ever heard of this?
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I have not heard of this.  There is an ADD/ADHD forum that you could post this question to.  Sandman2 is very knowledgable and he usually answers all of the posts.  
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ADD can definitely be misdiagnosed in my opinion and you can have both.  I was not diagnosed until I was out of the military and wish that I was earlier on because it cleared up a lot of issues in my mind once I started to understand it and realize that it can go hand in hand.  My doc told me that it happens very often (where it is not diagnosed as a child) and certain events later on in your adult years can not necessarily bring it on, but allows you to see it and makes a diagnosis easier.  ADD, anxiety, depression, etc. can go hand in hand especially when you don't know much about it or it is never diagnosed....keep us posted!
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As a retired navy hospital corpsman, i would advise getting a second (CIVILLIAN) opinion.  Pay out of pocket if you must.  Then have the mil. and civ. dr's collaborate on your treatment.  I've learned that the military is about 30 yrs behind the rest of the world when it comes to opinions and attitudes about mental health care.  Remember their first answer is always to send you to the chaplain.  If the chaplain can't "fix" you after a few visits, they then treat you as though you are "damaged goods".  Remember the Chaplain is NOT a licensed clinical psychologist.  Be careful and take steps to protect yourself.  Don't let them railroad you.  In the civillian system, you can expect to see a licensed clinical psychologist who is dedicated to providing the kind of care you need and occasionally you will see a psychiatrist for medication management.  Here is what the military doesn't get(and likely never will):  Having anxiety or other mental health problems is just like having any OTHER medical problem--You DESERVE APPROPRIATE treatment.

Yes, I recognise that some disorders will and should cause you to be separated from military service but so do certain other medical disorders such as diabetes.  This is as it should be.  I wouldn't want an untreated schizophrenic in charge of a tank batallion.

I'm just saying that you need to make sure those advising your CO and making recommendations for your treatment are FULLY QUALIFIED to do so.

Good luck
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Thanks alot yall.  I am seeing a liscensed psychologist and psychiatrist and both are civilian, however work in the military hospital.  Ill keep ya posted once my conners test results come back.
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