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ADDer with Anxiety

I recently seeked help from a psychologist due to panic attacks. I was diagnosed as depressed and having Attention Deficit Disorder. All my life since childhood I have been extremely anxious in social situations, so much that it has hindered my social, academic, and work life. I have turned to online classes to finish my degree, but again because of my attention deficit I am now taking Concerta. Since I am almost at the end of my undergrad degree and would like to continue in grad school and attain employment in my area of study, I want to treat my anxiety. My psych told me I shouldn't mix meds and doesnt want to prescribe anything for my anxiety at the moment. I know that without concerta i find it difficult just to take care of my children and household. I am unable to organize, complete tasks, and feel like my brain is a jigsaw puzzle and unable to put things together. Is there a way I can take care of my anxiety and my add at the same time? I know there has to be a way.
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Please read this. It will hopefully help u very much as my partner who is 31 was diagnosed with ADD at the age of 21. He had had it his whole life but never knew it.

Basically, he started getting severe anxiety out of the blue at the age of 18.... he suffered awfully. He turned into a recluse because the anxiety was so bad. He had been seeing his mental health team for a while, and it only helped slightly. He was eventually referred to a Pyschiatrist after 3 years...as mental health workers basically gave up, they didnt know how else to help him!

My partner said to him that he had every single symptom of ADD (after researching it himself). At first he kinda laughed, but the pysch ran some medical assessments and done a bit of research, as ADD was so unheard of all those years ago, especially in adults of 21 years of age!! He said it was possible, and he prescribed him Ritalin. After 2 or 3 months of taking it, he felt like a changed man. All his anxiety COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED. The pysch had this conclusion: "You have clearly had ADD your whole life. And due to this never being treated, medicated or dealt with, it escalated. It escalated so much that it turned into an Anxiety Disorder. Because you and your body were unable to cope with the ADD symptoms and the way it was making you feel inside." Since he has been on Ritalin, he is changed person. (He never had ADHD by the way, just ADD, he never had the hyperactivity)  

He is 31 years old now, 10 years since he was diagnosed with Attention Defecit Disorder with Anxiety Disorder. He still takes his Ritalin every day, but is going to be weaned off them after he finishes University........he is just going into his third year of an engineering degree, and is doing a Masters due to his First grades in every unit. Im so proud of him and hes come so far. From that recluse locked away in his bedroom, with nothing. To a man with a driving licence, a fiancee, an 18month old son, university, and great future career prospects. If he can do it, i know u can.

But a funny thing tells me that this is the reason why you are having anxiety. I dont think u are on the correct medication. Maybe you should see someone about this. As my partner has read ur post and he said it is just like he had wrote that himself.

Good luck with everything, i truly mean that :)
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I have battled ADD and Anxiety (GAD/Panic) pretty much since Prozac first came into existence in the U.S. That was the first drug I took for my Anxiety, then came the Zoloft, and nightmare Paxil hah. And soon came the Ritalin and Adderall for the ADD.

The SSRIs were horrific and I stopped those cause of the side effects but the Adderall was great. I even started taking the XR again in college to help me with concentration and memory. I obtained my B.A. degree and now no longer take the Adderall. Though I still struggle with concentration and memory at times I am living without the Adderall.

I take a Benzo for the Anxiety but otherwise I lead a healthy, normal, life. Whatever was "wrong" with me as a kid I outgrew!
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