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I have a son who will be 2 in April I'm 8 months pregnant my husband works full time and my anxiety is getting worse like to the point where I can't control it and having anxiety and not being able to control something leads to me feeling depressed....I refuse to take medication so taking a bath or a walk it's my only way to relieve myself....am I alone on this?
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Sweetheart, I deal with the same thing.  Often times people post suggestions for anxiety in the substance abuse forum.  I just posted another answer (my suggestions re: anxiety).  I know how hard it can be.  
Big Hug, Marie
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I am only 16 weeks pregnant (with twins) and I have severe anxiety and panic attacks. So your not alone!!!!

Sometimes I can take benedryl and it will help calm me and it is safe during pregnancy. Try relaxation techniques .. try your breathing techniques you learn for labor. Your so close to the end of the pregnancy .. you can do it  =)  I know what you mean though about the loss of control and not being able to handle it. That's what makes me panic more is that I have no control over anything anymore! The babies have control! .. LOL

Your not alone though .. that's for sure!  

Congrat's and good luck!
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