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Ordinary valium works well, but the drug was classified as a dangerous drug unfortunately, and physicians seem reluctant to prescribe it. Decades ago you could draw it in an ER without a physician's prescription. It is a bit addictive and inhibits the sense of situational awareness if you have to drive or operate heavy machinery, but it has very few significant long-term side effects and a good safety history.
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There are several different classes of medications that are prescribed for anxiety.  Some are fast acting and prescribed for the short term, while others 'take time' to work and are prescribed more for the long term.  Different medications have various benefits, side effects, etc....much like any class of medication we put into our bodies be it from aspirin to blood pressured medications, etc.  In my experience, it is important to talk to your doctor in detail about your situation and your history with anxiety.  If you have access, I find it extremely helpful to talk with a psychiatrist about different classes of medications and how it fits your situation.  I also suggest getting in some sort of therapy if you are not already in it, be it group or one on one counseling.  While I am a proponent of medication, in my opinon, the best results are achieved with medication when you include counseling so you can confront and deal with the anxiety in the long term.  I look at medicaiton as a useful tool in confronting your anxiety.  While it is not a 'cure all,' it has helped me tremendously.  
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