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Abdominal Cancer Fear and Phobia

It's so bad. I keep thinking I feel something in my upper abdomen. Like its kinda hard and doesn't hurt when I press on it. It's tight and I'm focused on it all the time so I'm not sure if I'm just tightening it myself or if something is there. I am still passing bowels. Not a lot but I don't eat much nowadays from the anxiety so maybe that's why I'm not going as much. I keep looking in the mirror and checking and poking and prodding trying to see if it's a tumor or a mass or something. I get this feeling in my stomach like its churning. I'm so worried about bowel cancer or stomach cancer or intestinal cancer. Everyone around me has felt it and thinks it's nothing. Just my muscles. I'm thin so they say I should feel lucky to feel them through my skin but I'm scared and don't believe them. I've also had an urgent care doc and my gynocologist check twice and I'm still not convinced. I see my general doctor next week for a complete physical and I feel like its so far away. This fear is ruining my life. I haven't been able to enjoy moving into a new place with my fiancé or thinking about wedding things because I fear that I'm dying and won't be around to even experience a wedding and creating a family with him. I don't know what to do anymore. Could anxiety make you think something is there when it's not?
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Thank you for your reality slap. It seriously is something I needed. I had my appointment today and we talked about my abdominal fears and issues and she thinks I am just suffering from constipation from not having a rounded diet. And she felt my abdomen many times both standing up and laying down and she said she felt nothing abnormal at all.

Now I'm just suffering from a cold that has me nauseous and with a scratchy throat and I haven't slept in a couple nights and it has me all wound up but I'm trying to relax so I can heal.

I don't know why all these fears become so real. It's very scary.

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Two doctors have already told you it's nothing. If either of them had felt something unusual, they would have sent you immediately for further testing. In two weeks you'll be seeing your PCP and I promise that you are NOT going to die from a non-existent cancer waiting for that appointment.
Not eating is not good and it's no wonder your stomach is churning! EAT SOMETHING! And stop all the poking and prodding and looking in mirrors! Only a doctor is going to know if something is not right and two of them have assured there is NOTHING!
Your anxiety is WAY out of control and THAT is what you should be concerned about. You need to discuss that with your doctor as well. If you've just moved in with your fiancé and are in the process of preparing for your wedding........those are two really big life changes that bring with them a lot of anxiety.
You seriously need to calm down and focus on all the positives. Talking about these issues with your finance would be a good place to start.
I hope you will let us know what your doctor says.
You're going to be fine.
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