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Afraid of test

     I know some ppl who have read my previous post will laugh at me if they read this. I've been told REPEATEDLY that I have extremely low risk contract HIV or even no risk. Yesterday,I made up my mind to go for a test, but when I put on cloth decided to go, my body can't help shaking,I thought about death,my mother called me why don't come home,I use to think her an old nag, but this time I wish she just by my side keep nagging,hang on the phone,I really wanna cry,but how can I tell her what I'm worrying about?
     My two exposure maybe ridiculous for you guys,esp first one: I got ear hurt by clipper in barber. long time ago. only when I read the report it may contract disease. Second exposure was perform cunnilingus on a girl whose HIV status remain unknown.
     I'm a coward, I admit.But I seriously need you guys help? How can I get over this fear?
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somebody help me, plz...
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i been haveing very bad fear of hiv to from 2 years and seven months ago i use to work at a hospital i had a pt got his stool on my leg and i had a cut on my leg they say you cant get it that way so i let it go in nov i just got sick with all the symtomes maybe anxiety but i had 2 test done for hiv in jan and march came back ok thank god but i am still having a hard time beliving it i still walk around all day thinking i have this because of all the symtomes i am having its makeing me so scared but they say it only takes 3 to 6 months if it does not show up than your good i know how you feel i am sick worry about this fear all day long since nov i always think about getting other test but it does not matter i mean its been two long years it would have show up by now and the finger test they do now in the hospital that takes 20 min the test is 99.9 so its a real good test lots of people use it doctors office and hospitals if you had a test done and it was long time ago than you should be fine if that test came back ok
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I agree with angeldoll

In any case though, HIV and AIDS isnt a death sentence anymore, theres people living pretty well..and long with it.
Allots changed sense its came out:)
I know its hard though not thinking like that, when you have bad anxiety.
My main hyprocondrism was Brain cancer...then I kinda just said screw it....what it is..is what it is..
We all gotta go sometime, and I refuse to live the rest of my life in fear of death
Fear of death, ruins life
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