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Afraid to start Lexapro

I was diagnosed with panic disorder and anxiety about five years ago and was first placed on Zoloft which gave me horrible side effects such as dizziness, nausea, even worse anxiety and depression, and it almost felt like I was getting zaps to the brain. So my doctor placed me on a low dose of xanax and that helped. I eventually got off but I am now again experiencing extreme anxiety and panic attacks. My doctor has now prescribed me Lexapro but I am nervous to take it as Zoloft had a terrible effect on me. He also has me on a low dose of Xanax which I'm fine taking. Any suggestions or experiences from taking Lexapro have you liked it? Did it help?
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It really doesn't matter, because our experiences have nothing to do with how it will affect you.  Your experience with Zoloft, for example, is probably a lot different than that of the people on here who have taken it.  So the only way you can tell how any drug will affect you is to take it.  The only way to avoid that is to fix the problem through therapy, which isn't easy but I hope you're trying.  If it helps any, Lexapro has a reputation for having fewer side effects, but I'm not sure it's really deserved or not.  But it does have that reputation.
I guess I should explain more about what I mean -- our brains and bodies metabolize things differently, which is why we experience different side effects and why some of us can't eat certain foods.  We're different.  Zoloft for me, for example, was like drinking water -- no effects, no side effects.  Lexapro didn't help me much and gave me pressure in the head, but for others on here it was great.  There's just no way to tell you.
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Unfortunately the only way to tell if something will work is to do a trial of it. I was in a similar situation where I wouldn't try the SSRI given to me for months. It wasn't a miracle worker, and I ended up on a different prescription, but trying it still allowed me to move forward and eventually get to what I needed. I know the cloudiness sucks ! Along with all the changes, but in the long run its probably for the best to give it a shot.
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