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Alcohol and Anxiety

I am a 21 year old male with health anxiety. I have noticed that my Health anxiety is at its highest the day after a binge of Alcohol. The symptoms that a hangover produces are often in my case mistaken for serious health problems. For example, if i am feeling sick or have a severe headache i relate it too perhaps a brain haemorrhage or stroke, and i find that it plays with my heart too, giving me chest pains and palpitations. I have these symptoms on and off all the time but they are always increased with a hangover.  Just wondered if anyone had the same thing?

I know your going to say "well, stop drinking them" but its hard cause i like a drink at the weekends and being from England its part of our culture to go out on a Friday night and get sh*t faced with your mates!
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this happens to me when i drink though i feel anxiety while i am drinking which is weird but if you feel crappy enough you wont wanna feel that way and you wont drink i dont because of it
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the same thing just happened to me too..about 2 weeks ago. im a 21/f and went out 2 weekends ago with a bunch of my friends and went drinking every night on the weekend (fri sat sun) sun night i got sick and the next morning was lying out on the beach hungover and dehydrated(which was NOT a smart move) my started racing and i got weird rushes that have been happening to me ever since and i am too a big hypochondriac..i haven't drank since bc im still experiencing symptoms but you don't have many options if you're a hypochondriac and are afraid of thinking that a hangover is something serious..you don't have to stop drinking but try drinking less or making sure you drink plenty of water before going to bed so you don't get a hangover..hope this helps!
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Ya, Drinking can make you worst with anxiety. your right Ill tell you try to stop drinking if you are worried about it.
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Yeah, this happens to me too, and I am the biggest worrier about my heart.  But after a while I told myself either don't drink and don't wory about it or drink and just know that the reason is the alcohol.  I'm 25 so I still like to go out with my friends as well and get a little tipsy so I didn't give up the alcohol.  i just tell myself now that if I didn't die last time and I was ok then I should be fine this time too.
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I'm right there with you. I get those feelings every once in awhile if I have had too much to drink the night before. I'm aware of what it is now only because when I first had a panic attack I thought something was wrong with my heart. But after doctors kept telling me I was fine, I finally believed them. It's your mind not your heart. And that is something you can control. If your a big hypochondriac , do things to improve your health. Exercise during the week and enjoy that drink with your friends on the weekend. Not a 12 pack but a few. Then you won't freak out the next day cause you won't feel like death. It's all about control . I've finally realized I'm not a spring chicken anymore. But just because you "can't hang" like you used to doesn't mean it's a bad thing. I'm taking that message that my body is telling me to grow up. I can't handle a lot of alcohol anymore lol.  
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