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Am I alone?

Does anybody hav missed beats ? It's lik your heart is beating then a pause then back to beating I notice since I have been obsessing they are getting worse.. especially when I think about something bad . I've been having them since 2011 .. but never this bad... I've been having them for 2 weeks . All day
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It's always hard when we have become anxious about something to really get a good picture of it.  You are hyper focused on your heart beat--  there is a really good chance it is not doing what you think it is doing.  Some people have palpitations and anxiety can cause this.  Because we can't really get a full picture just from a verbal description here and you have ongoing anxiety which means you may be overanalyzing normal things---  the really best thing to do is to have a well check physical and tell the doctor about this.  They can provide further testing to rule out any heart issues---  and then once that is done, you can begin working on your anxiety.  In the mean time, what about a go to activity when you get hyper focused?  Like taking out a book and reading, turning on the radio, etc.---  something you do to change your thought process and actions at that moment to get you thinking about something else.  good luck
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Thx I had a echo done 2 years ago and it came back good
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I think I just commented on your question similar to this somewhere else, but no, you are not alone in this. I have an otherwise healthy and normal heart, but I will get skipped beats (PVCs in my case) with my anxiety, with stress, hormonal changes and sometimes just a few out of nowhere. I've had them for 12 years (as far as I know) and I learned to live with them for a while. Let me assure you of this, when you focus on them and get anxious over them, they will intensify. No doubt about it. It's a hard cycle to break but you will.
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Thx girl
This is the key which shows it is all in your head from worry. " I notice since I have been obsessing they are getting worse.."
The echo proves there was nothing wrong. So you are likely just thinking you are skipping, but without a monitor all day long to verify the count you didn't prove it is really happening. Try to forget it instead of over-analyzing your heart and it will disappear.
I never check my heart rate  because I know that it knows how to do its job by itself. It is not normal to check your heart so if you can't stop after making a conscious effort, then try therapy to see if they can rid you of this obsession.
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Thx guys
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It could be PVCs. I recommend going to a doctor that is knowledgeable and will likely have you wear a heart monitor that will read your heart beat over a certain period of time and record the information for your doctor to look at. Caffeine and some other things can irritate PVCs too.  Also, finger heart rate/oxygen monitors are available at the store or online, and you can get a journal or paper and write down when you feel these skipped beats, see if your heart rate is normal, and make a note of your activity and the date and time.  This will be very helpful to track for you and for your doctor.
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