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Am I having an anxiety attack right now?

So I am usually a really calm person and I live a very carefree life style. At the beginning of the month I went though a very traumatic experience and ever since then when I think about it I get a funny feeling in my chest. I will be sitting on my bed, doing my homework and everything will be okay when all of the sudden I remember what happened and I play it though in my head. My chest gets tight, it is sometimes hard to breath, and I cannot help but start to cry and feel very panicked even if I was okay about two seconds ago. I do not know what to do when this happens and I do not like it. I have never had anything like this before and anxiety attacks do not run in my family so I have no one to ask. Thank you.
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It could be anxiety alone or anxiety caused by a bit of depression, which leads to insecurity.  Is there anyone you've talked to or could talk to who you trust to help you with that traumatic experience?  Was it truly traumatic, or just to you?  Generally, if you're aware of why you're feeling this way it should pass as you get used to what happened -- time heals all and all that -- but sometimes we hold onto things.  That can lead to chronic problems, so if that's what you think is happening, it wouldn't hurt to discuss it with your parents or an older friend or relative or a counselor of some kind.  

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