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Anger Management

Yes, I know there is a forum for that topic but I never had a problem until my med switch. I have always had a temper and short of patience, but this is different. I sort of think it may be that I am overworking myself.
The psychiatrist weened me off of Cymbalta. I am almost 2 months free from it. Also,he put me on nortriptyline 75mg before bed.
I have been in a foul mood almost all the time now. My 7 year old daughter confronted me with it last night, I broke the glass on my scanner bed of my 3-in-1 printer. About a week ago, I threw a hard drive against my wall (I work on computers, so I have a lot of equipment). I post nothing but negative crap on Facebook. Everyone is getting sick of me. Heck, I am sick of me.

Just wondering what might be going on. I do leave for work at 7:30 in the morning and then get home around 5:00. I work on computers at home and have been swamped for over 3 weeks (At least 1 a night).
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Could your anger issues be work related? Being overwhelmed with work and feeling a lot of stress to get work done may be causing your flare up. You may need to get some help with lightening the work load a bit so you don't feel so overwhelmed. You're working about 10 hours a day, 6 days a week(assuming you work on Saturdays). That's 60 hours a week X's that by 4 weeks=240 hours a month. You may need to slow down a bit.

Also, some medications may add in to the chemicals that control anger. You may want to sit down with your doctor or therapist and see about getting a blood panel done to determine if this is the case.
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It's hard to tell whether it's the med, the anxiety, or maybe even some depression causing your anger issues.  When I'm feeling depressed (more than anxious), I'm also very short-tempered, impatient, moody, etc.  Depression commonly accompanies anxiety as well.  That may be something to look into.  

Do you have a lack of motivation?  Do you not get much enjoyment out of things that would typically make you happy?  Sleep disturbances (too much, not enough?), eating changes (too much, or less than usual?).  Do you find yourself withdrawaling from social situations, isolating yourself?  

These are some common signs of depression.  If you feel you may be dealing with that also, you may want to have a chat with your doc and therapist.  The treatments for anxiety and depression are very similar, but sometimes a therapist can change the approach a bit.

If it is the medication changes causing the anger, that should start to subside in another couple of weeks.  Unfortunately, this is probably something you'll have to wait out a bit to see.

You CAN do some things to help change your reactions though.  I've had to make some changes myself.  It is pretty common for me to get highly irritated with my daughter ANY time she asks me a question (she asks a LOT lol).  I found myself jumping down her throat a lot (for me, due to depression).  I had to purposely change my reaction.  I had to pause, and carefully plan my response, to not sound or appear irritated (even if I am), because it started affecting my daughter.  She told me she hated asking me anything (talk about feeling an inch tall)!!!  It's not easy, but it can be done, and with practice, you'll be able to change your reaction.  You may still FEEL angry, but you won't react in a way that is destructive.

Take a deep breath, walk away from the situation that is angering you if you have to.  Instead of throwing things or breaking things, punch a pillow, take a walk, etc.  Like I said, it is not easy, but changes are needed, otherwise it affects your loved ones and YOU.  I've been there, you end up feeling guilty for your behavior, and your loved ones feel like they have to walk on eggshells around you.  Life shouldn't be that way.  Also, remember, you changing your reaction won't change how you feel right away...you will still feel angry and irritated, but that will improve too, with you working on it.  Also, TELL your loved ones what is going on.  Apologize for how you've been acting.  I basically told my daughter VERY simply, "Mommy hasn't been quite feeling like herself, but I'm working on it.  It's not YOU or your fault.  YOU don't make me mad."  She really appreciated it. It will make YOU feel better too.  Kids have a great way of figuring out HOW everything is their fault, so it is very important to acknowledge our bad behavior when it happens.

Keep am eye on it and talk to your doc and therapist, and start with some baby steps trying to control your reaction to the anger.  It can be done.
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I do see a correlation between my depression and my anger, and yes I am overworking myself. It's more like 45 hours at regular job and about 25-30 hours of working on computers at my office at home, which includes most of the day Saturday.

I have had this to happen before. The good thing is, I do not go off on people or animals. I am pretty much a gentle guy. If there is a fly in my house, I am more likely to catch it and put it out rather than kill it.
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