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Anxiety - Lexapro

I am extremely stressed. I started taking Lexapro this morning for anxiety.  About 3hours after taking it I started having a burning feeling on the back of my neck. then the next time  in my chest, never in my face. It would stay a few minutes and then go completely away.  What is this? I have never had hot flashes. If it is a hot flash, I read that anti-depressants can trigger hotflashes on one article but then on others I read they help with hot flashes.  Was this a hot flash? I know for sure whatever it is , it came from the Lexapro. Help
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I'ts probably a symptom of your anxiety as opposed to something the medication is doing to you. I've been in your shoes before worrying about what a medication is doing to me and it always turned out to be that I was creating these symptoms with my own anxiety. So try and relax, and know that in a few days, you'll feel better.
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Hi Scotty I take Lexapro and have never had that sensation .How much are you taking ? I know I had to cutback at first becaue of that amp !  feeling..Its a good antidepressant as it is one of the mild ones and I believe it targets only two SRI `s instead of three like Efexor or paxil . I agree with ACG33 that it may at first make you a little more anxious .Hang in there ! Do you have any klonipin or Xannax ?  Jim
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It shouldnt be the medicine. Taking it one time shouldnt give you any side effects at all yet. It takes up to 2 weeks to fully get into your blood stream.

Good luck.
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I started Lexapro 5mg last night and about an hour after my hands felt hot. Woke up to hot flashing. Face, arms, hands etc HOT and sweating. Ive never had hot flashes. Ive read this morning that ALOT of people have this and when they go off. Some people said it only lasts for a few weeks, some say doesnt go away. Youre not alone. My doctor didnt mention this at all. I take for GAD and panic disorder, gonna stick with it and see. Good luck
You should talk to your pharmacist if worried about side effects, because in this case it is just anxiety making you think the med is making you hot, sweating and flashing. Perhaps the pharmacist's reassurance will help deal with this panicky feeling, which lots of people get when they think something is wrong because of their med. The anecdotal evidence posted by others doesn't prove anything, and likely they just got panicky and worked themselves into a sweat, which is a natural reaction to fear.
Lots of people get this way without taking a med, btw.
Also this is a 2008 thread so none of those who posted will see what you wrote to reply.
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