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Anxiety & Depression - My Medicine

I am 32, suffering from Anxiety & Depression since last eight months. One thing that i had promised myself was not to take medicine at all and help through alternates like Yoga & Meditation. Well, though this helped me bits and pieces I gave a serious thought of seeing a psychiatrics.

The discussion was great and I am told to have Serta 10 in the morning and Zapiz 1 before sleep. Would appreciate if the experts can share the role of these medicines in getting me well again? Also would appreciate if you ever get addicted to these medicines and if they have any side effect.

Request your advice.
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serta is sertraline? Has not many side effects usually,you could have some the first two weeks that pass,also takes about two weeks to take effect. Sertraline helps with the depression and anxiety, if it goes well after a year with doc advise you can try tapering off and your brain will continue doing what the med was doing for you.Sometimes people need it longer or indefenitly.Its not addictive but coming off it does cause discomfert at first for some people. i dont know what zapiz is.lily
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