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Anxiety, Hormone Imbalance, or something neurological, help!!

Right, a few months ago, I was diagnosed with vertigo because i felt like i was swaying on a boat etc. All that has seemed to have cleared up. A few weeks ago, I got tingling in my hands and feet but that went after a few days and that was because I was anxious. After that, everything cleared up apart from a weird pressure, crawly feeling in the right side of my head and I was really scared. I had a panic attack on Saturday night where I started hyperventilating and my hands and feet were really tingly. They're back to normal now but I am still getting this weird feeling in my head even though I'm not stressed, I occasionally feel like I'm on a boat and now it feels like there is ants on my skin and its making me itch. I'm really scared its to do with my brain- I've had blood tests and they were clear, I don't get headaches at all and my doctor did a nerve test thing on me incase there was numbness but it came back clear and I don't feel numb. The symptoms are all still there when I'm not anxious and are worse when i am. Is this down to anxiety or down to increase in adrenaline and is affecting my hormone imbalance or is it neurological. Please help me I'm so scared!!!
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