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Anyone use lexapro? just want to know if anyone has any input on it, if used ofcourse...i suffer from uncontrolled blushing and sweating...my social phobia is horrible, please help!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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I take Lexapro, and have for several years with excellent results.  I'm not sure if you're taking it, or thinking about taking it.  If you're already taking it, then contact your doctor it may be time to tweak the dosage.  If it's been prescribed but you have doubts...don't, try it.  We all react differently to these types of medications, and sometimes it is trial and error as to which one will work best for us.  Keep in mind that it takes 4-6 weeks for it to reach a therapeutic level in your body, so be patient.  Take care.
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Yea i've been taking it for about a month...i've just gotten started feeling the positives of this drug after weeks of doubts, but i stuck through it...i heard drinking alcohol on it is ok? i mean....no okay okay, but not as dangerous as i initially thought..any truth to that?
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