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I have some anxiety issues along with depression - my doctor had prescribed Celexa for me to try, but I felt like it was causing some sharp pains in my head so I stopped taking it.  I have since been referred to a physchiatrist who I have seen only once so far -- he unknowingly prescribed the same thing for me to try saying it has the least side effects.  I'm too nervous to take it!!  It causes anxiety to think about taking it because of the possible side effects.  How can I feel better if I need medication but am too scared to take anything????   (my anxiety is all basically health related)
Thank you for any feedback...
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I would talk to your psychiatrist about the medication.  Explain to him what happened with it before and ask him to change your prescription.

I have health anxiety too and it would consume me if I let it.  I try really hard not to feed into every little pain that I have.

It is great that you are seeng a psychiatrist to help you with your anxiety.  Sometimes it is just really nice to have someone to talk too.

Good luck.....
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Medications like Celexa can be hit or miss in my opinion.  They definitely affect us in different ways.  For me, another SSRI worked very well, while others may not like it.  I was originally against taking medication, but it has helped me along with talk therapy.  When I first started taking and SSRI like Celexa, it did actually increase my anxiety and I did notice side effects.  However, after a couple of weeks I noticed that they were minimal and that it was a tremendous help.  Remember, these types of medications take a while to 'kick in'

I agree with jul04 in that a good dialogue between you and your psychiatrist is necessary.  Ask questions and talk about the different options available to you...keep us posted!
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Thanks for your comment!  Can I ask how you're managing your health anxiety? Are you taking anything?  Do you ever feel like you're experiencing problems/illnesses when someone you know is going through something?  Here's an example of what I mean, someone I work with basically had a nervous breakdown yesterday....now I'm feeling anxious, like it could happen to me.  (as I'm typing this my rational brain is realizing how "off" that seems, but my irrational brain becomes consumed by that kind of thinking!)
Unfortunately my psychiatrist is out of the country until the end of the month... :-/
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Currently I am not taking anything for my anxiety.  I tried Lexapro at the beginning of the summer but I was allergic to it so I stopped it.  My dr did prescribe me Prozac but I haven't started it.  

Right now I am currently in therapy.  I do alot of relaxation breathing and self therapy as well.  I try and eat right and I take a mulit vitamin everyday.  Keeping a journal helps me too but I have to get into the habit of really using it everyday.  I am adding exercise into my daily routine as well.  

For me it is all about taking baby steps and I do have my good days and my bad days but each day things get easier.  I have to try really hard not to feed into my health "symptoms".  When I feel a weird feeling in my head or a tightness in my chest I try not to pay attention to it because that is when it escalates and I end up in the vicious cycle and my anxiety gets out of control.....

I hope you find something that works for you.....
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