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Anxiety, Migraine, or Stroke

Hi everyone.  So last Thursday, I had a headache all day.  It started in the back of my head, so I figured it was just a tension headache.  Throat was a little scratchy, so I thought maybe I was coming down with something.  The next day, I felt better, but the headache was still there.  Pretty dull though, not as noticeable as the day before.  But I was very blah throughout the whole day.  Irritable, and just didn't feel like myself.  I went to the gym after work, but after my run, I felt very "out of it."  Attributed it to me not feeling well.  Saturday rolls around, and I'm a bit better.  The headache came and gone throughout Saturday and Sunday.  But I also felt tingly, and my face at times felt numb. Sunday evening, I ran on the treadmill, and afterwards the headache was back and not dull.  Really scared me, as I've never gotten a headache after working out.  I should mention that I suffer from anxiety and vertigo.  So naturally, I worked myself up.  I allowed myself to self diagnose using the internet, and convinced myself I was having a stroke or was about to have one.  I barely slept Sunday night, kept waking up in sweats, and fear that something bad was going to happen.  That I had some brain aneurysm that was going to erupt.  I know it probably sounds crazy, but it's so very real for me at times.  I spent all of Monday in bed, under covers sleeping.  It was a beautiful day out, and I couldn't get the energy to get out of bed and enjoy the sunlight.  The headache was more behind my eyes at this point.  Today, I'm feeling much better, but my face feels like pressure on it.  Under my eyes, especially.  Feels puffy, but doesn't look puffy.  I have a Dr appt for two days from now, but should I maybe go to urgent care or the ER?  Anyone else experience this stuff?  Is it just my anxiety getting the best of me?    
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I forgot to mention that throughout the entire 5 days, I just felt out it.  Dizzy.  Like my head felt heavy.  Very foggy and unbalanced.
Many people get headaches regularly which you can verify from looking at all the pain meds in a pharmacy OTC section, and I know some who get crippling headaches that keep them in bed all weekend. So your situation was not unusual nor is it a warning that you have brain damage, stroke etc.

There can be many causes and we can't diagnose you from here, but I wouldn't worry about just 5 days.
You should see your doctor if concerned though. Anyone with head pain is going to feel dizzy, so I wouldn't read too much from those symptoms you are noticing either.
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Thanks for commenting. I think I'm allowing my anxiety build it up in my head. Just a very new feeling for me, which can be very scary.  I wish I could just be anxiety free. I look at others around me and I think to myself, "why can't I just be "normal" like them."
It is difficult to maintain composure when you are sick (and a headache is as bad as being sick) so try to kill time until the pain goes away.
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Been having any allergy symptoms?  This has been a bad allergy spring because there's a nationwide drought that's just ending, and that's made the spring very bad for allergies (as the climate warms, this will get worse).  That would explain the dizziness, the scratchy throat, and the headache.  Something else to mention to your doctor.  As for migraines, could be, that also causes dizziness, but it usually starts with blurred vision, then the headache follows after awhile.  
Thanks Paxiled.  I've never experienced allergies in the past.  Not that I know of, at least.  I always thought migraines were excruciating pain. I wouldn't say my headache was excruciating.  But it was present and painful enough for me to take notice.  And it's not constant throughout the whole day.  I just can't wait to go to the dr tomorrow, to hopefully get some answers and put my mind at rest.  I need to stop going to the extreme and thinking the worst.
Good luck.  Migraines are a very specific form of headache caused by constricted blood vessels that then expand.  They're not like any other headache.
I wasted half my life taking regular Tylenol for sinus headaches because I never dreamed I had a sinus problem and didn't ask a doctor about them. For me taking sinus relief medication provides quick relief, so it is good that you are seeing a doctor.
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