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Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Drinking

Guys, Please help. I dont know what to do. My husband has severe panic attacks and anxiety. He had first attacks (once in a while) about 5 years ago. Psychiatrists gave him alprozalam ( like Xenax) and forgot to mention how addictive they are and there is a need to see a therapist to try to work on anxiety. At the end of the last year it became much worse. He started having hard panic attacks almost every day. He goes to work, he has small attacks there because he is busy but when he is not working he is having attacks all the time (not once in a day but almost all day long). The pills didnt help to solve it and he drank alcohol and it helped. Now he is drinking almost every evening because of the panic attacks. He knows how bad it is but he can not deal with the panic attack. He is seeing the therapist but it seems that nothing helps. Two weeks ago the psychiatrist changed the pill to clomazapam but it doesnt help. Did you have situation like this? can you recommend something? We are in our 30th but he has no power and possibility to build the life. THANK YOU
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I need advice!!!.PLEASE
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I have never taken either of the meds you mentioned however I take anti depressants currently just started taking Zoloft so I can't tell you if its a good one or not. I did well on celexa and Paxil for awhile. I feel for your frustrations you feel. Wanting to help and not now how. I feel alcohol in the long run may just intensify the anxiety but I don't drink so I don't know for sure. Maybe switch to a different therapist. I wish you the best of luck and prayers.
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Thank you. The situation is going on the circle: attack-alcohol and because of that even more attacks. Awful. Thank you for your prayers. Maybe the pills dont work
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I drink to feel normal too.  Nothing helps it is a cycle of anxiety and drinking to cope.    On some level exercise helps and watching movies.   I try not to drink but the anxiety is unbearable.   The doctor gave me an anti depressant which helps slightly too but no cure yet.  I hope and pray u find the answer.
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A panic attack is a sudden surge of overwhelming anxiety and fear. Your heart pounds and you can't breathe. You may even feel like you're dying or going crazy. Left untreated, panic attacks can lead to panic disorder and other problems.
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Hi there I have had panic attacks for about 8-9 years after about 6 years of having them I started to control them like when I felt my heart was going to beat faster or my mouth would go dry just general things before a panicc attack I used to grab my trainers and a bottle of water and go for a long stroll around my area it does help when someone with you but on your own is ok aswell but it keeps your mind of ov it aswell and I got prescribed propanpol (Beta blockas) I haven't tried them yet but apparently they are amazing takes around a few weeks to a month to feel full effect but maybe give them a go and see what happens and drinking will not help it just make it worse and maybe lead to depression so try to fight it as early as possible also cbt has helped me a lot cognitive behavioural therapy :)
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