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Anxiety/ Panic attack?

The other night I was laying in my bed and out of random my heart started racing, I was having cold and hot flashes, feeling nauseous, my throat got tight, and because of that it was hard for me to swallow or breathe normally. I laid in the fetal position for an hour and a half and had no idea what was happening to me. Throughout this whole thing my body was becoming so weak and I felt so tired I literally passed out. Ever since it's happened I've been scared that it might happen again. Could it possibly happen again? It didn't seem as serious as everyone else's but it did scare me.
I'm not quite sure whether or not I had an anxiety or panic attack. My parents think it was just because of stress or that i'm over reacting but I want a second opinion. Please help.
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Can you say what you're stressed about? I'm asking because if you're under alot of stress you can have panic attacks. It sounds to me like you did have one.
No, it does'nt mean you will have another one. You need to get your stress level down if possible.
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