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Anxiety + Sleep deprivation + Caffeine = ???

   My birthday was on the 6th, so on the 7th I had some friends over to hang out.
   Now, I don't normally drink anything with caffeine in it (including soda, tea, or coffee), but about a week ago my sister bought a 24 pack of Mountain Dew and Pepsi. For about a whole week I would down 3-5 (give or take) cans of soda and hardly any food with it, and about 10-13 cans on the day of my party.
   So my current concern is this; on the 6th, late at night, I noticed that I began to feel really weak and shakey (like how you feel when you haven't eaten). I hadn't eaten anything but 2 pieces of cake and ice cream that whole day and had been physically exhausted, so I thought "I just need some food and I'll be okay." So I made myself a small salad and finished it. It helped for about..an hour or so but then the feeling kicked back in but to a more extreme extent. I felt as if I would pass out. I was really scared. I made a bowl of cereal due to lack of food in my house.
   I ate the entire bowl and after around 30 minutes felt okay. I then fell asleep about an hour later.
   The next day I woke up and felt fine the entire day. At about 1pm or so I had a small Totinos pepperoni pizza (a rather tiny pizza). I didn't eat anything at all afterwards and downed a lot of sodas, I gathered some fire wood from a forest too, which was pretty exhausting. That night, a lot of friends of mine stopped by to celebrate my birthday. We were all having a great time. At about 11 or 12 I realized that I was getting those feelings again. I just figured it had been a good while since I had eaten and so I made some cheese sticks. I ate a few and after a little I felt right as rain. The night continued as planned and I ended up getting to sleep around 6:30.
   I woke up the next day at 10:30 or so, only getting around 4 hours of sleep. I tried to get back to sleep but the people around me were up and keeping me awake. After a while of me laying in bed, everyone left except one friend, and me and him layed around all day being too tired to do anything, but not wanting to sleep the day away.
   That whole day I felt pretty normal. I had developed the fear that I was gonna feel shakey and weak so badly that I THOUGHT my legs felt weak when I was laying in bed, but when I got up and did stuff I realized it was just in my head.
   That night, I hung out with some friends again and 4 of them ended up staying at my house. We were up until around 4-4:30 am. I had downed around 6-8 cans of soda that night, and had very little to eat.
   I woke up today feeling just fine. The problem was I woke up at 9 or so (only about 5 hours of sleep) and again, haven't gone back to sleep.
   After being awake for about an hour and a half or so I began to feel it again. The shakey feeling began in my legs while I was showering. I felt so scared that I began to have a bit of a miniature panic/anxiety attack because I thought that it was happening again and I felt like it would be there all day.
   I went out to eat with my family for mothers day, the whole day being tired and shakey. I began to have a bit of a tingly feeling around my lips (which has NEVER happened and only lasted a short ammount of time.) No numbness occured but I felt like I could possibly drop my cell phone or my cup if I was holding it, that's how weak my hands seemed to be.
   The weakness mainly started in my legs but it eventually seemed to effect my arms and hands.
   I ended up getting home and hung out with my friend for a little. While hanging out with him I began to feel all right again, just really tired. Up until this point, my weakness is gone for the most part, I still feel a bit shakey, but not weak. I can hold things just fine without feeling like I'll drop them and I can walk around fine.
   Being as paranoid as I am, I fear something neurological, but I have been having anxiety about neurological problems for about 4 months now. I've been to the doctor, hospital, and eye doctor, all of which seemed that I didn't have anything wrong neurological and most of it was chalked up to be anxiety.
   Some things that have been happening to me lately are these;
   ghosting images (mostly on lights like street lights and the clocks on stoves and when I'm tired. Had been reviewed by eye specialist, he thought nothing was wrong.), post nasal dripping (has been going on for a good 4 months), slight sore throat, the fact that every time I run my hand through my hair I can usually pull out a good 2-4 strands, slight migraines from time to time, my wisdom teeth coming in (which they are, confirmed by dentist), a slight buzzing in my ear every now and again (happens a couple times a week and has happened to me lots of times before my anxiety began 4 months ago), fear of loneliness, & depression.
   Some things I fear or think I have;
   Brain tumors, brain aneurysm (no family history on either side of either and I'm only 19), & sinusitus.
   So, do you think that I have any of the above or do you think that most of this can be counted off as anxiety, caffeine, and sleep deprivation? Please talk to me about this for I am always scared even though every time I go to talk to someone about it they are confident it's just anxiety.
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Forgot to add a couple of things to the things I'm experiencing list;
once in a while I will get a kind of rush/buzz feeling in my right calf right above my ankle but just in one specific spot, it has happened a couple of times, and also muscle spasms occur sometimes when I lay down.
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How about going to your GP and having a complete physical to rule out anything medically wrong.  Then if all turns out ok I would suggest you find a therapist to see why you are feeling the way you have been. In general caffeine and sugar can be antagonists for anxiety. And if you arent used to to consuming so much soda its  no wonder you have the shakes, you are throwing off your blood sugar levels. Lay off of both liit your intake to 1 or 2 a day. Hope you find the root of your problem. Keep us posted

Be Well

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The only problem is I am not in school and don't have insurance :( I've been to the hospital when all this began and they ran a lot of tests. They said they didn't see any warning signs to run any other tests. I told my mom if I felt shakey and what not tomorrow I wanted to make a doctors appointment.
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Today was a lot better. I felt as if I was weak but if I were to stand up and walk around I would feel fine. I think the anxiety will sometimes make me think I'm weak but I'm really just fine and WORRIED about being weak, giving me a feeling that I am. I haven't been shakey at all which is really good. No sodas today and don't plan on drinking anymore than 1 or 2 a day like how Chrissy said, if even that. I will keep you guys posted.
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Glad to hear you are feeling better. And I wouldnt worry if the Hospital found nothing phsycially wrong with you. With anxiety the more attention you give it the more intense it can be. And BTW Happy Belated Birthday....we almost share the same, mine was the 3rd.
Hope better days are ahead for you!

Be Well

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Had a great weekend, it seems like the weakness spells are fading. I didn't get much sleep this weekend and I'm extra tired today but that should be fixed by tomorrow or so :D
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