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Anxiety ? Something else ? Please HELP


I am not sure what is happening to me, some people say its anxiety whilst some doctors brush me off.

I have been having weird things happen. I will try my best to describe and i hope someone can help me, it is ruining my life and my business  literally :(

The more terrifying symptom i get is i'd just be sitting down, or in a car with a friend and all of a sudden i get this extremely weird sensation throughout my chest, sometimes its followed by heart beat i can feel and other times just the weird feeling.

When i am resting, or just watching tv or something, i get a feeling in my chest, like it is full or something. Its hard for me to take a full deep breath and sometimes it feels like it is hard to breath.

Another feeling, which is hard to ignore. Example today i was walking in the shopping mall and this extraordinary feeling came over me, i felt it in my upper body, it was just a really really weird overpowering feeling and it forced me to sit down followed by a rapid heart beat which lasted for about 2 minutes.

At time i would be walking in a shopping mall and all of a sudden i just feel unbalanced and dizzy or light headed not sure , im ok to keep walking and it doesnt really effect me too much but i know it is there.

Im not as sharp as i used to be, it is like i forget what i want to say, it is just weird.

Im 26 and male.

I have had EKG, Echo Stress test and everything is normal. Cardiologist said my heart is fine. All blood tests were fine.

I hope someone can help or may have experienced something like this and can give some advice or something, i am not sure what to do, it is ruining my life.
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Do you have a lot of stress in your life? Do you worry about things a lot? It sounds like a panic attack.
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Hi, i do have a lot of stress in my life in regards to work etc. however, i do not know how that would effect my heart with weird beats and feelings.... It is so confusing sometimes!
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Well a panic attack would cause those issues with the heart. And panic attacks can be brought upon by stress.
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