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Anxiety, angina, heart problem? 24 Years Old.

Hey guys!

I'm pretty sure a lot of you are in the same boat as me when I post about this. I'm an otherwise healthy 24-year old female that exercises regularly, and my family does not have a huge background of heart-related illnesses or disease. My parents are healthy, as well as my grandmother, and my cousins. Right now, I feel like I have shortness of breath. I feel like it is hard to do deep breathing exercises because I don't feel like I'm inhaling enough. I have chest discomfort that I can't seem to localize as well as chronic back pain. The back pain is separate due to the fact that I work in an office Monday through Friday 40 hours a week and sit at my desk for 8 hours straight, almost. I've had back pain for a while so that is not my concern. My left arm has also been aching, specifically, from my elbow down towards my hand (wrist, palm, fingers. I also have a slight tingling every so often). These symptoms have been on-going since Thursday evening. I have done nothing but try to do deep breathing exercises that help, sometimes, jumping jacks, and have been constantly looking up my symptoms online just to scare myself more (not on purpose of course). Any help would be appreciated especially any medications I should consider taking to ease my anxiety, panic, worry. I have heard that Benadryl helps. I am thinking of purchasing that today.
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If you type alot, which you most likely do, the feelings in your elbow and hand might be carpel tunnel syndrome. Your Dr would need to check you for this. If that's what it is your Dr may recommend a wrist brace while working.
Anxiety can come with many symptoms. You do have some of them. Have you talked to your Dr about how you're feeling?
Since you're so young and healthy I highly doubt there's anything wrong with your heart. When we get anxious we tense up and it can cause chest tightness and trouble breathing.
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I can relate to this post completely because it has been happening to me for the past month or so. I went to the ER and they told me it could be my spine/back causing the left hand and arm/chest problems, I also sit a lot through the day and had back pain prior to the chest and hand pain. Also, my back hurts mostly next to my left scapula. I still haven't done anything about it but it seems right.
So this just might be your problem too, ask your doctor about it.

btw. I also worry about angina/heart attack and understand your concerns. We're both too young to be having heart attacks ;)
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