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Anxiety, breathing techniques & physiologists?

I was wondering how helpfull breathing techniques actually are As a way of overcoming anxiety?
I've been seeing a therapist whom I have had 6 sessions with and he has given me some insight and helpfull info but I feel as though I've spent a bit of time with him and his approach to my anxiety is through mindfulness and meditation, I have tried the breathing a few times and a few of his techniques which have helped short term but lately finding it difficult to relax and bring myself back as I feel detatched a lot of the time. I don't know if it's helping, he has said he thinks my anxiety is moderate and stress levels severe, but I feel as though my anxiety is more then moderate (due to DP and DR symptoms) and my inability to relax when trying to do the breathing excersises. Basically Im not sure if im connecting with him, I told my doctor and she referred me to a physiologist who specialises in gad and I was going to go to her, but decided to stay with my current physiologist because I have already spent a bit of time with him and I thought maybe I need to trust and go with his advice.

Advice anyone? Am I being paranoid?

Kirty x
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Hi Kirty,

Breathing exercises really can be helpful because they are used to essentially bring your attention back to something that gets your mind off of whatever may causes stress or anxiety or other not-so-good feelings. I think the reason why breathing is the focal point is because it is a very simple and natural thing to pay attention to. I would point though, that if you have had thes symptoms that are distracting to you, it will probably take some time to train yourself to not focus on them, to not pay attention to them. I would suggest that you continue to practice, just take it easy, one session at a time and see who it goes. I usually take a minute or two each day and just concentrate fully on breathing and it is helpful but since you have experienced DR and DP for quite some time, it may take a while but be persistent.

Have you tried other exercises like progressive muscle relaxation? It can be very useful, this is what I've been doing everyday now for a few weeks and I am noticing a significant difference in my overall anxiety for certain.

Overall, my opinion for your situation is to trust him, just stay with it and allow yourself to relax, it can be challenging but one thing to remember about relaxation is that is a natural response, you really can't try to relax. Also, don't judge yourself and think that you aren't doing it correctly or you aren't giving it enough effort, those are stessors and they won't do squat to help you relax. You basically need to learn how to allow yourself to fully relax. Its a skill to some extent, so it needs to be practiced daily for it become second nature.

Anyhow, that would be my advice on your situation, and no I don't think you are being paranoid. Best of luck!
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Sorry for my typographical errors, LOL.
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Hey thank you so much, I guess I can't be an expert straight away and things can't be fixed over night  I'll keep it up, I decided to try using audio to help me relax and it worked so much better, I actually felt quiet relaxed so maybe I should continue with that. So you think the breathing (if I'm persistent) will eventually help n hopefully cure these symptoms and thoughts? Along with talk therapy?

Thanks heaps!

Kirty x
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Hey there again,

Audio tapes really do work, I have been listening to one now for about three weeks pretty consistently and have noticed that I am far, far calmer than I was about six weeks ago, big difference and I feel way better. Sometimes I listen to it twice per day, during the day and towards bedtime.

Honestly I think that general relaxation practice (like breathing while listening to an audio CD) and maybe some CBT will actually get rid of the anxiety. When people get anxiety disorders, it become a habitual way of thinking, therefore their behaviour (and the way they feel) will follow.  Since our thought processes mold our behaviour and subsequent actions, by constantly doing relaxation for a good period of time (just know it may take quite a while) will begin to "settle in" and eventually effect the persons thinking and behaviour positive ways. Then once it becomes habit, it is reinforced again and again, and it becomes the dominant behaviour, see what I'm saying? So the anxious / worrisome side of you just begins to fade off.

CBT can help in addition to relaxation and breathing exercises because it targets bad thinking cycles and teaches you how to change them.

Overall, yeah continue with your breathing / relaxation therapy, and the talk therapy and I'm sure over time it will make a big difference.

Hope you are doing well,

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Hey, yeah I can understand how that would work, I have been trying to
Listen to meditation CDs once before bed and again in the morning, first time I actually felt light like a feather but can't seem to get that feeling again, I've only just started daily this week so I guess in time it should improve with practice?

This doesn't have anything to do with breathing but I am wondering if I should stop work? I've done a lot of research and have received a fair bit of outside advice and I have kept going despite how I'm feeling (trying to deny my exhaustion) and I feel as though I am at a point were I am very fragile mentally and I'm worried I'm going to lead myself to another breakdown? I spoke to my boss he said if work is the trigger for my anxiety then I should leave. I almost walked out the other day as I'd just had enough and my body was telling me to stop. He has offered to give me 2 weeks paid leave, but do you think that will help long term, should I need to take a longer break to get better? Money is a slight problem if I decide to.

My symptoms are dr DP, hypersensitive headaches sometimes, lack of motivation poor concentration focus and memory, tired all the time, feeling as thought brains shut down. My gf told me this is common for a lot of ppl and it means my mind has been exhausted and if I feel as though I can't cope then I need to rest my mind. Been trying with the breathing but like I said I've just started.. I'm making an appointment with my doc on Monday to get her advice but I thought I'd get a first opinion, and just see what I should tell me doctor also. Hope this all makes sense

Thanks so much for your advice I'm sorry I know you answer to a lot of questions you don't have to write back:)

Kirty x
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Oh my gf also told me that light medication might be a good idea short term to get me at a coping level to help recover then after I feel like I'm doing better I can slowly go off them. I told her I don't want to take mess and she said she didn't want to but it got her to a manageable level and she later went off them said she was glad she took them during that time.

What do you think?

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Hello Kirty,

Yes in time, it should become easier and easier to do, same with any skill if you think about it. Not everyone can dance, some are terrible when starting but if they stick with it and practice continually, then in time they can be terrific dancers. The same applies to de-stressing.

Well if your work is bothering you, if it is really a big stressor, then it can be contributing to it, if you are offered two weeks paid leave, then you may try it and see how it goes. When and if you do that, take a couple hours out of each day like you have and practice relaxation. One important thing to remember, is don't be self-judgemental about how you feel. Don't do such things as labeling yourself as failing to calm down and relax, just naturally allow yourself to unwind. I know it may take some getting used to, but there's nothing unordinary about that.

Oh that sense of being tired, yeah I know that one. I found that exercising is a big helper (gets the blood circulating and boosts bloodflow to your brain) and so is the diet. Eating right is crucial especially when it boils down to anxiety and stress, but its not just what you eat but how often you eat as well. If you don't keep your blood glucose levels stable throughout the day, it can lead to mood swings, irritability, anxiety, frustration and all sorts of things. Whenever you eat, your blood sugar rises and as you don't eat, it will naturally fall. Some people who only breakfast and then eight hours later eat something else usually don't do very good at all in their days on anything. Blood sugar swings can cause some emotional instability, a fair portion of it. You should actually eat five to six times per day.

Don't deny your exhaustion, accept it and get on with stopping it. Are you getting adequate sleep? If not, there is another thing to work on. Eight to nine hours is the optimal amount. Oversleeping might cause anxiety, the reason I bring this up is because for a while I was staying up until like 2:00 A.M. and sleeping until 1:00 P.M.

And the symptoms you have described certainly outline anxiety and possibly depression. May I ask what is causing your anxiety / stress?

Your girlfriend has a good idea, but just keep in mind that medication is only really necessary when the person aboslutely needs it. But do note is NOT a solution but an assistant in getting over your emotional problems. You can do so, but if you can see a psychiatrist about it they will be able to more accurately assess your state and determine whether or not meds are really required.

Oh and I don't mind answering your queries at all, I get around pretty easily on here. :-)

Best regards,

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Thanks, yeah my eating is very up and down, like last week I was so hungry constantly and this week I've lost my appetite a bit, my sleeping habits haven't really changed tho I've been going to bed at 11 and waking up about 7-8 every morning I've felt ok it's only on days where I'm particularly anxious when I find it hard to go to sleep and get out of bed in the morning. My diet can defs be improved.

I haven't been excersising but wen i go on break next week I will start again. I'm not sure what's causing the anxiety, I don't know I guess anything that happens usually makes me anxious, I analyse a lot and have a million thoughts running through my head, I also get anxious around ppl at times normally groups of ppl I'm ok one on one, I always tend to think the worst in a lot of situations. I worry about how I'm perceived and worrying that I'm going to let people down or do the wrong thing. I feel like I fear a lot of things and I think that's what makes me anxious. I am very confused at the moment with my career/job and home life and I worry about the future. I get fearful when I start thinking about how things will work out, I don't know I guess it's a mixture of things. But in saying that I sometimes have positive moments where I'm like everything's going to be okay and tell myself not to worry but then the thoughts eventually take over

I just feel lost, confused and anxious :/ lol :(

I will chat to my doctor and see what she thinks, maybe I just need a little more patience.

Thanks again,
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