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Anxiety, depersonalization


I've never been to a psychiatrist but I pretty much know I have social anxiety disorder and possibly as a result depersonalization. While the social issues are getting better, depersonalization is getting worse I feel. Losing track of time abnormally, not remembering things ( im only 18 and should have no problems with memory) etc. I think it came about as sort of a defense mechanism, as I was pushing myself to be more sociable i kind of developed depersonalization as a shield to anything at all bad that could happen when interacting with other people. I fear awkwardness, public speaking, etc. I am glad i pushed myself because I do love my friends even more now that I hang out with them outside of school ( never did before ). Is there anything I can do to make this depersonalization go away? I really hate it, and dont want to talk to any whitecoats either. Anxiety seems to run in my family, not all social, but my mother has anxiety and so does her mom. I heard marijuana helps, it does for me for a short amount of time and then I return back to depersonalization... Also Xanax too seems to lessen the constant fear of something bad happening.
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What you could use more than a psychiatrist is a psychologist.  You need to talk this out, not medicate it since you're functioning at a good level.  Labeling this stuff is useless -- the only useful part is you don't feel the way you want to feel.  You sound like you need some help in getting from here to there, which is what talk therapy is for.  Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't, but it's worth a try.  By the way, most people are uncomfortable speaking in public -- it's the most common phobia.  You're not alone here.  So yes, stay away from the whitecoats, but psychologists don't wear white coats.
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anxiety can be treatable but you must speak to the whitecoats they will know how to better treat you sorry but i see them too you are not alone on this one ok :)
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All that will do is make my anxiety worse -_-
They can never get an accurate blood pressure reading on me in doctors offices because it shoots up every time I go in... Not overweight or anything. There are solutions to everything and I merely wanted to test the waters with others who may have self treated...
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I am about as far from you as humanly possible:  Male and an Old Male, still:
my tip on what you call "depersonalization" is to fix firmly in your mind everyone else, especially anyone who is in a challenging/intimidating position, is a person, just as you are.  Look them in the eye when you talk with them or they speak to you.  Please, look with interest, not challenge.  

Over the years I was able to move from a person who couldn't read aloud in a middle school (or worse high school) environment without something I'd now call a panic attack (anxiety?  yes, before, the panic during). Of course this was fueled by the fact I was a poor reader and speller, or a poor student perhaps is the fuller description.  Yet, over the years I learned to "get ahead" I had to step up to learning and becoming a contributor and over the years became a graduate electrical engineer and holder of many elected offices in industry.  None of that would have been possible if I had not gotten the panic/anxiety out of the way.

I think my biggest leap forward was being able to make a mistake in public and the look the "public" in the eye and move forward by making an adjustment or correction.  I would do so armed/strengthened with the knowledge and belief that they (the public) too make mistakes and I'm not letting mine make me freeze.  

Life is a process, a series of steps and experiences.  We all need to keep moving forward to being better and not let mistakes of the past (even a minute ago) stop our forward momentum.

I have never talked with a psychiatrist, but visited this community to see what I might learn about anxiety.  In my "senior years" I find anxiety (or something else) creeping back into my life.  That recognized/confessed I stand by my earlier remarks, it worked for me for decades and the spirit holds true even in senior years.
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It's not 'what I call depersonalization'

the definition fits what I feel...


I do have a hard time looking people in the eye (unless I know them incredibly well, friends, parents, family, etc) and that is one thing that I never seem to have been able to improve on. ... Never had a panic attack, but its just every time I'm out somewhere its constant fear of something happening. Luckily, I'm going to be a software engineer so talking to people isn't going to be a major point in my life, ever. But I still don't like it and it gets in the way... and yikes, I hope if I ever do get rid of it it never comes back... That sounds horrible...
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Well, I feel like im not functioning at a good level, I feel like I can't control anything and its horrible - I want to do good in college... I don't know what anyone could say to me that would make me unfeel this way... It feels like I've been sick for so long but in reality I remember distinctly when it started, sort of blurring into my life.

Hopefully it will blur out again. Perhaps if I really concentrate on studying, that will help it ease out. Lots of other internet answers have said stimulating activity (REAL stimulating activity, not like video games) such as working out, studying, reading books, etc helps it go away. It completely occupies your mind or something, so you can't think about how horrible it feels to feel outside of your own mind -_-
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