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Anxiety, pains, heart pounding


Well this started two weeks ago. I went down to the hospital and they said it was just panic attacks, now i have been back a few times and its always the same answer. Im not saying its not panic attacks but it just seems strange is all.
Yes im also a nervous/worrying person and get stressed out about most thing haha!
Ok so heres what the Doctors have checked..

-Blood tests, one full blood test and the other was a mixture of stuff they were looking for in my blood and it all came back clean.
-They checked my eyes, reactions, joints, lumps in neck head but didnt find any.

This is what i have been feeling from day 1 and it has been slightly changing, like a new problem everyday.
After the first week the panic attacks seemed to have got better (like not panic) but pains and the way my heart/body acts is totally different.

-Arms numb/tingling
-Random pains all over body
-Random stabbing pains in stomach, groin and chest
-My heart regulary pounds while relaxed
-Extreme pounding while doing weights (abnormaly harder than before)
-Left side lower ribcage burning pain whenever heart pounds hard or races
-Weird Cold feeling on right side of head wich feels like its moving down near my ear and temple
-Cold feeling in chest and left side of lower ribcage
-Sharp pain at botton of sternum (checked and found a tiny lump thats moves around alittle)

Most of these pains and feelings i can feel all the time and dont just come and hurt when im panicing wich i havnt done in a while now. Sure i get nervous or get a stabbing pain and then my heart starts racing but im not feeling faint, light headed and im not breathing fast/hyperventilating One thing more thing i may as well say is, i had a pint of beer a few days ago and while talking to my mate in the pub i started getting really bad stabbing pains in my stomach, it felt as if i had to burp but couldnt. That last a good 3 hours and then i started having heart thumps and palputations shortly after.

I have measured my heart rate many times while relaxed and its come up 52bpm most the time.
i havnt checked HR while exercising yet but it doesnt seem to race like when i had a panic attack two weeks ago, it just thumps really hard

Sorry for such a long post :D
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Ah dam lol theres always something i forget..

headaches whenever my held feels cold or numb :/
had a really bad pain in my armpit but im sure that was a lymph node.. is it possible for the lump on the botton of my sternum to be a lymph node?

Can a few panic attacks really cause all of this. So strange
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I am glad that you went to go get checked out, but now you have to believe your doctors, in my opinion.  With health anxiety, you can become immersed in what you believe you have a problem with; I was the same way when I was dealing with health anxiety issues concerning my heart.  Every little pain, palpatation, sensation, etc, was a cause for alarm.  If I thought about it, I had it...the mind can be VERY powerful and our instincts hard to overcome.

Throughout all of this, have you sought the advice of a therapist?  Learning about this panic cycle is one of the best ways to get out of it in my opinion...keep us posted!
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Thanks for reply.

Shortly after writing this i went to lay down after my workout and could have sworn my heart stopped, sounds silly i know but with this anxiety problem my heart seems to be pounding all the time and suddenly it wasnt. I jumped up in complete shock my body went cold and i lost it. All my emotions started coming out, Its the scariest thing ever! thing is you actualy believe what is happening is real.

Shortly after that, it happened again i went straight to the hospital and got an ECG done and blood test taken. It came back clean and nothing was going on, everything was normal. The Doctor couldnt hear/feel any palputations either so i guess it is all in my head haha! funny but not at the same time :D
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I have been experiencing these exact same things!!!!!!  I am still trying to figure this out myself.  These pains are not really in your head.  They are real.  But probably nothing to worry about.  I have been to the ER many times in the span of a month (5 times).  Seen physical therapist, gastro DR, many internists, ct scans, xrays, blood tests and next is a Therapist.  

Have you overcome this?  Please let me know how you beat it if you have.

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I also have similar experiances as you described, I can't enjoy anything fun with my kids, each time I try to play with them,I stop because I am affraid of having an heart attack, I went to my doctor few times and he checked everything even sent me to the chardialogist,who gave me a stress echo and everything seems to be fine. But this feeling every once in a while gets me worried and makes me think that I am going to have an heart attack.
My left arm gets such pains and but no numbness though but I get this burning pains under my ribs and in chest sometimes and it gets me worried.I am 43 yrs old and also take medicine for BP and Cholestrol.
Any comments and thoughts on that.
Also I skip beats sometimes as well.My doctor tells me that its all Anxiety, nothing else. Also I have allergies too and every time my allergies get bad I get these symptems, is that possible?
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Oh i am with you my side has been hurting really bad lately..I think its my rib cage not sure or i have pulled a muscle it kills me.I suffer panic attacks which i have gone to the Doc and got checked out.But seems like when you have panic/anxiety attacks you experience something new everyday..I swear it gets old..And with you saying about it felt like you hurt just stopped oh i know what you mean sometimes i just feel like i just stop breathing but i don't but it feels like it..
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