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Anxiety, panick attack, building discs? or heart? Stress?

I am 29 years old.... I've been diagnosed with ptsd, tbi,  anxiety, and I'm pre type 2 diabetic. I have bouts of night terrors, insomnia, post traumatic headaches.... oh and I have buldging disks in my neck and lower back.... I've been experiencing pain in my shoulders, off and on pains in my chest.... my hands are numb ATM but weren't earlier? they always tingle as well as my feet.... Thumbs ate stiff sort of? I was walking from one room into another An just randomly had to stop I didn't get short of breath or anything just.... felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest then my upper back from shoulder to shoulder burn/mildly hurt? And my neck and arms? Could it be panic attacks along with anxiety? I am scheduling an appointment with my doctor I have not been sleeping well but.... I'm concerned?  I just started my Xanax regular I was fine today until right before my daughter who is adhd got home. Any ideas? It seems to the chest tightness be on the right side around my collarbone tonight.
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Chest tightness is very common with anxiety. In my opinion so are sore/tight muscles from tensing up. Not everybody with anxiety is tense but it sure happens to people. It's good you're seeing a doctor about this. It could very well be anxiety. If it is anxiety ever consider therapy? Not only for that but for your ptsd also?
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I don't have diabetes, PTSD, or bulging discs.
I was anemic and Vitamin D3 deficient. I had to get Xanax for the intense unmanageable anxiety. I got blood work, was told about the deficiencies and purchased over the counter supplements. Been taking them for 14 weeks and symptoms are easing, not completely gone.

get blood work done.

25 OH Vitamin D
Magnesium RBC
Vitamin B12
HotoTC levels
Serum ferritin

If your levels are low that can cause a brain fog/detached feeling.
Not being able to say the right words, just taking forever to get them out. Causes fatigue and sleep issues among other things.

You want your Vitamin D3 level to be above 50ng/mL
60-80ng/mL is the best range.

You want your ferritin level to be above 50ng/mL
Vitamin B12 to be close to 800

You can buy supplements over the counter. You then need to re-test blood work 3 months after starting supplements in order to monitor blood levels.

Deficiencies in these vitamins & minerals cause various symptoms.
Here are some:

Brain fog / memory problems
Body / bone pain
Muscle weakness
Headaches / migraines
Heart palpitations
Vision problems
Internal tremors
Tingling in the body

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