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Anxiety, stress and head pressure


I have been having bad stress and anxiety, I also may have migraine associated vertigo.  I'm curious if head pressure is part of anxiety?   It feels like there is pressure inside the top, back and front of my head. this is a new symptom for me.  Sometimes it feels like it coming up the the back right side and stays on that side, like my head feels like it in two halfs.  I've been reading that pressure is a syptom, but with health anxiety i worry.  I had to head CT about 3 months ago and it was clear.  I've had this vertigo dizzy thing for 9 months, I feel like inside my head is rocking and swaying like i"m on boat.  The ENT thinks its silent migraines.  But this pressure inside my head is odd to my, it could actually be on the outside of the head, coz I also get like a tingling and numbness sometimes.  I know when I'm stressing and anxious its much worse.  I also makes me feel off balance when its there.  I have so many problems right now with the vertigo and my thyroid levels have been off.

If anyone has this could you please tell me about it.
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Well, the thyroid could be the problem, as it being off could be causing all the other stuff.  But migraines themselves can be caused by anxiety or stress -- they're vascular headaches caused when the blood vessels open up after a period of constriction, which can be caused by anxiety or stress, and the vessels in the head open up before the ones in the extremities, causing the migraine problems.  
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Dear Patty,

I also have the same symptoms it feels like a baloon in your head and I also can't put my head on a pillow, I always have to sleep in different positions because of this head pressure. My ENT and all Doctor, s are fed up of me... It's nothing but anxiety and anxiety itself is everything... Pls do not feed your fears by visiting doctors, just laugh without any reason and it will pass.. Laugh insanly...
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I'll tell you how I cured my migraines, but didn't cure my anxiety -- a doctor told me to do TM, a form of meditation.  It worked for that problem, anyway.
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