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Anxiety, tension, tingling back of head dizziness

I suffer from severe panic attacks. I've had mild of ones for a few years since I had my children but the past 6 months have been very bad. I am now on lexapro to help control them. I thought they were under control however the past week they have been coming back. Now the past 4 days I've been experiencing something new, I've been dizzy or light headed accompanied by a strange feeling in the back of my head. It's feels tight with a tingling sensation. It's almost hard to explain. The dizziness is not all day but when I have it it makes me very nervous which then makes me notice it more. The problem is my insurance ended oct. 1st and our new policy doesn't start till November.1st so I don't want to go to the doctor if this is just my anxiety causing this. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions? Thanks so much
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My anxiety is basically gone, i still have a lot of problems though. i still have alot of pain throughout my body. i dont even care anymore. i cant sleep like i used too. my body always hurts. i wake up with my right hand numb almost everyday. my upper stomach hurts ive been checked for stds and all that came out good. im going again tomorrow because i think i might have a yeast infection. i keep getting them. i dont know if its from all my stress. whoevers out there and thinks they are completely nuts. im here. doctors have told me nothing is wrong with me but i dont feel right. im have an ultra sound on my abdominal. im also getting my tsh and t3 and t4 getting checked. ive had muscle, joint, swelling, light headedness, migranes, fast heart rate, my hands fall asleep at night, peeing often, losing weight, having trouble sleeping, i keep getting yeast infections, i feel sick everyday. my legs kill me. my teeth sometimes feel weird. idk whats going on with me. doctors say im fine so whoevers going through this i feel you and its one of the worse things ive ever experienced in my life :(
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Hi Roxi, just a thought:  I suffered restless nights, the need to pee more, really sore joints (stiff), skin disorders, sudden dandruff and pimples, feeling 'hungover'-ill' in the mornings,change of discharge, tingling hands and feet and heart pulpetations in the night.  I just felt bad all round.  After two doctors said I'm fine, don't work so hard I left it and put up with it.  I then stopped the pill and got hot flushes..wahaa the problem was apparent I was very early menopause.  Next time you go to the Dr ask them to check your FSH levels (follicle stimulating hormone).  Your body goes through major changes when adjusting to hormones changes (worst than the teen years).  Losing weight is strange though, however stress can do that.  Weight loss can also be caused by your thyroid problems which can be checked via blood also.
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Just a thought:  sounds like you have very tight muscles in the back of your neck.  shoulders and neck hold a lot of stress which if it gets really tight can cause really bad headaches.  Perhaps try and do stretches, lightly pulling your head in one direction, then the other.  Also try lying on your back with both arms outstretched.  Left one knee up (so foot still on floor) and move it over your other leg while looking at the opposite hand.  Be gentle but try to hold the position.  Then do the other.  This will help to loosed your back muscles.  The closer your foot is to your bum the higher up the back you are stretching.  Be gentle though, especially if you are tight.  Do a couple times a day and see if it helps releive the headache.  Good luck x
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im 21 years old though, i honestly have been soo confused, right now my upper stomache hurts like hell including my back. i doubt im going through it already
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