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Anxiety, what's next?

Hi all,

I visited a regular physician last fall and brought up some of my minor health issues. I told her I often suffer from anxiety at work and in social situations and that I seem get stressed out very easily. I also have problems sleeping for more than a few hours.

She diagnosed me with scoliosis after I also told her about my back pains, and determined that was the reason I had problems sleeping, and she told me the anxiety stemmed from loss of sleep. She told me my scoliosis was not serious enough for medication or a brace for back support. She suggested melatonin for sleep, and yoga for my back.

I was already doing yoga on a regular basis before I saw her so obviously my back pains have never gotten better, but I did try to melatonin for sleep. She suggested starting with 5 mg, I've progressively increased it to 20mg after seeing little effects. It has helped me *get* to sleep at the beginning of the night, but I still wake up a few hours later and am unable to go back to sleep.

So I guess my question is - what's my next step? I told her I've had social anxiety my entire life, and my anxiety has progressively gotten worse in recent years because of certain stressful life situations. Should I get a second opinion from another physician? Do I need to see a psychiatrist instead? Are there any other remedies that can help me? I'm really at my wit's end - it's affecting my work and my relationship with others. I'm exhausted and stressed out all the time.
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You truly need to see a psychiatrist, as it sounds like anxiety and/or depression, but only a professional can tell you this.  A GP is not qualified to properly diagnose you nor are they very familiar with the medications.  You may need therapy along with medication, but your psychiatrist will know what route is best for you.  You shouldn't have to live like this when there is so much help available for you.  You always want to deal with a specialist since they are best trained in a particular area.  Please don't waste another moment on this, get in with a psychiatrist and start getting your life back.  We've all have been or are where you are right now, so know you're not alone and you will find lots of support here.  Take care.....
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Seconded.  If one doctor isn't doing you any good, it's time to see another.  

Good luck  :).
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The dosage on the melatonin may be the problem.  With melatonin, less is more.  1mg is a good starting dosage; .5mg might even be enough.  5mg is too high, and 50mg is too high to be effective.  My personal advice is to start with a therapist, not a psychiatrist -- you sound like you have a good doctor who is trying to help you without putting you on strong, perhaps unnecessary medication before finding out if something simpler will work.  First, do no harm, remember, guys?  If the simple things don't work, you can always get into the medication later -- it isn't going anywhere.  But since medication only treats symptoms and doesn't cure, your doctor is seeking a cure -- if sleeplessness is really your problem it's a lot easier to fix than what psychiatrists deal in.  You might also look into meditation and acupuncture for your back and your sleep.  
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Do you regularly consume Alcohol?

That could lead to a lot of those symptoms as well (especially if you have a night cap to help you fall asleep, it can often lead to waking up part way through the night, which in turn leads to anxiety/stress/irritability). Just thinking out loud here; not accusing or insinuating.
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