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Hello people... I went through a really tough 12 weeks thinking that I could cought HIV from an exposure I recently had. It turned out after testing I didn't have anything. I always though that all my fears and anxiety would go away after getting a conclusive test result.

Guess what???? I hasn't!!! The other day at my job (hospital) someone droped a vase that had flolwers on it.... The glass vase broke... I picked up a piece  to help out and tiny glass the size of sand on my hand... I got paranoid thinking it had HIV...

Over all I'm stilled at shock from what I went through... (12 weeks thinking about "what if I have it" day in and day out :(

My head is tired from all of it...  Don't get me wrong, I am better than during the 12 weeks but this is something that has scar me...

Any opinions/comments????
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Welcome to the forum, and let me reassure you that what you're going through, while frustrating, is relatively common. It isn't abnormal after you've had an HIV scare to have a difficult time dissmissing the "what if" thoughts.  The thing is, if left untreated, it can develop into a full blown, life altering phobia.  If you feel that you are having a harder time than you should getting over this, then it is time to seek some professional help to address the anxiety.  Sooner than later is the best approach.  It's sometimes hard to determine when one needs to seek help.  When it comes to HIV anxiety, the best rule of thumb is when the "facts" are no longer able to put your mind at ease.  HIV is not a disease that is easy to get...in fact, it is quite hard.  If you KNOW that, yet are having a hard time convincing yourself, then it is best to head to your doc and ask for a referral to a psychiatrist, who can help you come up with a treatment plan that would include talk therapy (which is vital is these situations).

Once you start addressing the anxiety, you will be able to finally put this all behind you amd move on.  
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Hi sweetie, I am so sorry for your stress. I to did the HIV test which left me panic stricken, as I had already became active with someone else, been around children, that is terrifying, you mule over your mistakes, over and over, and every move you make. I get where you head is at. Not fun.

However, I think you maybe experiencing PTSD. Look that up. I know, I thought it was only Military or someone who saw a horrid crime, or car accident but actually thinking your life is over can trigger it. Check into that. The above said is very correct too. See a therapist. I did and it took months to feel like my good ol self again but I did, and Im sure you will to.
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Thank you guys... I will talk to a therapist. It's weird how I'm obssesed with the subject. I've accepted that I don't have it, but I think about the subject a lot...

Always looking on YouTube/Internet about it. About how it started. About all the diferent theories there are... I mean it's such a mystery. You have conspiracy theories, the CIV theory, etc.......... Anyways like I said before, Im obssed. Even though I do beleive we should all be aware of it. We are all responsible for prevention...
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