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I am 8 weeks pregnant and having severe anxiety. I was diagnosed with anxiety at a young age and ever since I got pregnant they have been worseand I was also just recently diagnosed with a heart disease I am really worried and I don't know what else to do. Does anyone have any idea's on how I can control this anxieties better without medications!!! Thanks..
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Hormone fluctuations often do this.  Exercise, meditation, therapy, breathing exercises can all help.
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Thank you so much I appreciate it I'll try it...
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Hi hun, Sorry to read you are dealing with anxiety in your pregnancy. Fluctuating hormones, change in life circumstances can cause this. Also, you said you were recently diagnosed with heart disease and that can contribute to anxiety symptoms. You are pretty close to delivering so deep breathing, stress management, hot bathes. Make sure you let your OBGYN know that your anxiety is out of control. You are also at higher risk for post partum depression and you may need to have an open dialogue with your OBGYN on getting ahead of the anxiety/depression aggressively. Do you have a cardiologist and a plan for the heart condition after birth?   I also have a cardiac condition that triggers panic attacks. My cardiolgoist and OBGYN prescribed me Inderol (Propanolol) it was considered a class B and is an old school anti-anxiety medication and frequently used for women with severe natal anxiety. Ask your OB and/or cardiologist about beta blocker for treatment of your anxiety you will want to make sure it is compatible with your cardiac condition.
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