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Hi, I have been feeling a surge of anxiety/panic for the last few days.  It is so bad that I shake almost constantly, can't sleep, and feel extremely cold.  I virtually have no appetite.  Also, I constantly feel like throwing up, I gag, but so far have not actually vomited.  

This type of episode happened about a month ago, but I thought it might have been a reaction to anti-biotics  I was taking at the time.  It resolved itself in a few days, so I thought I was out of the clear, yet here I am, again dealing with the exact same thing.

I also have slight ear-ringing, which is what started a lot of the initial panic.  The ear-ringing has been going on for about two months now.  I have pretty much gotten used to it, though it does make it hard to sleep sometimes.  I have gone to two doctors about it and they have said it might be a sinus issue., and that I need to give it time.  I haven't gone to the ENT yet, since I my most concerning issue at the moment is that panic/anxiety.  

I do not have feelings of vertigo or hearing loss, so I don't think it's an issue of miniere's (sp?) disease.  My doc thinks I have the flu, but the feelings of panic/anxiety are so high, I have never experienced that with the flu.  However the chills and lack of appetite do correlate.  I am getting my blood tested tomorrow for any possible thyroid issues.  

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?  Could it be an extended panic attack?  I am not on any medications at the moment.  Any ideas on how I can calm down, I would really love to feel like myself again.

Thanks for any help.
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When I get the flu my anxiety levels fluctuate. It is better for me to recognize that I will be ok and not keep thinking about what is happening to me. Keeping in touch with my Dr. if I get worse is something I do and helps me out a lot. COming up with a bag of distractions like listening to music, talking with a friend, taking a walk, or any other favorite things to do might help. If you are so sick throwing up and such you might want to call your Dr. again.

Keep in Touch!!
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Thanks, sometimes I get so wound up.  Google is not a friend at times like these, so I am officially turning off the computer, and taking a warm bath.  My little boy is a asleep, so I plan on taking advantage of this time.  

Has anyone found meditation works to calm down?  I would love some advice on simple ways to start, how long, are mantras helpful?  Any meditation gurus out there?
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The first time I had a panic attack I was sick. I have had panic attacks for 8 years and when you get sick, teeth pulled, anything that makes your body seem not normal b/c of medicine or just the way you feel will make you panic. I couldn't sleep the very 1st time I had a panic attack b/c I thought I would die in my sleep, and I have only felt the cold feeling 2 times since I have had panic attacks and both times I was pregnant and trying to get off xanax. The lose of appetite is normal with a panic attack and also from being sick. What I do which takes alot to get my mind calm and clear is find waldo. lol and talk to dogs and cat. Call someone that is calm and cares. My dad is one to stress me out if he is stressed by someone else. So stay away from anything that will stress you out if you are wanting to be calm. Also I found that playing board games will keep you mind occupied as well as playing with your son. let me know      Tisa1029
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Hi vincabee,

Sorry you are going through all of this, doesn't sound very nice to go through at all.

I sometimes suffer with vertigo, and have some of the symptoms you are describing above, maybe if you mentioned vertigo to your doctor again, he/she may be able to perscribe you something to rule that out. Stemitil is very good tablet, that actually settles your stomach upset/nausea, increases your appetite and also deals with the actual sensations of vertigo, (I personally swear by it) whenever I get vertigo.

I have also been to an ENT doctor and am due to go back again next month for a follow up as they didn't find anything wrong with me. They examined my ears, nose and throat and gave me a very detailed hearing test in a sound proof room!! came back fine. I don't really know because I am not a doctor or anything, but maybe you may have an imbalance in your ears or something that can be treated.

Either way, I hope you find something to help you. Also Serc is very, very good for an upset stomach - just a thought!

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I feel for ya.  With anxiety your worrying can make it spiral out of control, it's a viscous circle.  I too would get noxious during an episode. and at times would throw up.  I think it was a way for my mind to get involved in something other than my panic.   You will need to make some changes and it might tick you off because you want to live your life like you always have without worrying about it.  

As you are working through it remember.... it's almost always a PHASE, it won't last forever and you will get through it.  Learn as many tools as you can, deep breathing, vitamins, reading up on it, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy etc.  -  you have tons of options.  When nothing seems to work you can always try medication.  I have been living with anxiety for a long time and have had a wonderful life.  Try not to be afraid of it, just realize it's real, feel it and let it pass through.  I realize it is much, much harder to actually do this but it's possible.  

Yes you should see your doctor to make sure it isn't something else, that in itself can lesson the anxiety, knowing there isn't something serious going on.  

I also have ear ringing and have for as long as I can remember, it's called Tinnitus.  I use a fan at night to sleep.  The sound is relaxing and it covers the ringing in my ears.  If I ever get caught without a fan at night I can get very anxious as my ears ring in the silence.  I know it sounds a little psycho but it's me!  Good Luck, keep getting info and know you are not alone.  Erin
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Also re: medication to take.  There are lots of options here too though they come with a price like side effects and addiction.  I am on Zoloft a very small dose and that helps allot.  I just started that a few months ago.

For many years I have had a prescription for Klonopin to take if I have a panic attack.  I have never taken it everyday because it and other meds like it are addicting, only once in awhile, 10 or so a year.  Having Klonopin has really helped me because if I get bad I know I can get relief.  There has been tons of times where I will start to get anxious and I will know I have something to take in case it gets nasty and just knowing I have something relaxes me and then I don't need it - does that make any sense.

You may want to ask you Dr. about these kinds of meds but be real careful cause like I said they are addicting.  There is also lots of natural supplements to take that help lots of people.  Fist Oil, Magnesium & Vit. D are very important and if you don't have enough it can cause anxiety.  It's a great opportunity to focus on your health, make some changes, and pamper yourself.  Take Care, Erin
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I went to a new doctor yesterday and she set me up with a beta-blocker which has helped calm my nerves somewhat.  However, I still can't sleep at all.  I take Lunesta at night, but it really doesn't work that well, I maybe get three hours of sleep on it.  I am thinking of just ditching it completely.  I feel so desperate, I don't know why my life has come undone like this.  Tomorrow I think  I will call her to see if anti-anxiety meds could help.  

Is it normal for anxiety attacks to continue on this long?  It's been a week now and each day seems to get only worse!
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I am so sorry to say but yes they can keep coming back.  I sounds like you are a fighter and you won't put up with it so for you it may not last long.  I say do what ever you can and if ya need to take something so be it.  If it works it will always be there when you need it, just another tool.  

Do you always have trouble sleeping, or just recently?

The anxiety won't last forever, try not to let yourself start thinking it will.  It will go away I promise.  When you feel like it never will and worry worry worry it gets so much worse.  Just figure you can handle anything as long as it's temporary.  I have had bouts that lasted a year (that was when I did not get help) or bouts that last 1/2 hour or a few weeks.  It all depends on how I react to it, does that make sense?  

I am at work so I should go,  would love to talk with you more, let me know if you need to.  I understand how difficult it is.  Erin
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