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Anxiety ALL day EVEY day

wake up anxiety is there go to bed anxiety is there,and the symptom i get is allways there.pain in the centre of the chest just above the sternum bone i get it in the ribs to left and right,sometimes its a hot pain,sharp pain,or just a ache,and all the muscles in the chest area are tender to the touch,and over the last few days it feels like it has gotten worse,i drink to much coffee,and smoke to much,ive had a chest XRAY done and its all clear,its hard to belive that its anxiety caused,i have tension all day,and by nite time all my muscles hurt like hell,its all i think about,its all i focus on,its ruling my life
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hey waylander am so sorry your going through this like so many of us, you have joined the club of not beliving this can be from just anxiety, man i have had it on and off for years and it comes and goes in different forms, mine is most the ears/face tingles. weak/sick stomack. feel like i need to run. just dont feel good. i have not had the chest pain but i know so many that do. i was it in really bad in march this year and could not pull out so i went to med first got some klonopin and took it 2 weeks what a differences it made i came off of it and take ativan only when needed. have you tried meds? hang in ther it will get better but i to had it for 4 months day in and day out i though it would never get better and that my life was going to be in my house stressing , but am out and doing good . so hang in there . Barbara
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   I'm in the same boat you are. It really is hard to believe all the symptoms that anxiety causes. I went to a cardio myself just because I just couldn't believe all this chest pain was caused by anxiety. I also have some Ativan that I take when I need it and it does help, but I've heard so many horror stories about people coming off it, that I don't take it very much.
   I do know that in the last couple of months I have felt better. I wish I could tell you why, but I can tell you that the longer the periods of little to no stress, the less my chest hurts. I started keeping myself hydrated and that seems to have helped the heart palpitations which in turn helped the anxiety.
   I hope you feel better!! Love...
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I can completely relate to what your going through, I have been a smoker for 30 years.  I have bad chest pains all the time, bad heart palps, short of breath, always feel tensed.  Always felt like I was having a heart attack non stop, I wake up with a pounding heart, go to sleep with a pounding heart.  Visit a cardiologist, did the stress test, heart cath, ultrasound, heart echo, 24 hour heart monitor, all my test results were normal, cardiologist said I have a heart of an athelete at 45 years old.  I've even had my chest X-ray'd 50 times, chest CT scan all clear, test were performed within the past 3 months.  Did a pulmonary function test, blew out all 10 candles, after smoking 30 years, that's amazing, lung function normal.  I've had an upper GI, returned normal.    

After all the tests were performed, I was diagnosed with chronic anxiety/stress.  It's amazing how painful chest pains can be with anxiety.  

If you would like to try a natural way, what seemed to help with my symptoms is Chamomile tea, in small qauntity, you can get it almost anywhere.  Too much tea, makes me relax too much and makes me real sleepy, but once I drink alittle bit of tea, my chest pains go away.  
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I agree with everybody i found out i had anxiety by going to the hospital swearing i was having a heart attack. I didnt want to believe it but as everyone has said there are so many ways. ive tried alot but sadly am on medication right now because i cant get another combination to work for me.
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Does anyone have anxiety that causes, muscle weakness in one or both legs, dizzyness, tiredness, a buzzing feeling in your head, headaches, hand tremors, muscle sorness?
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Waylander, I can totally relate to you.  I have exactly the same symptoms.  If your interested in talking, email me at ***@****

Your not alone and would love to talk with ya...

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