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Anxiety After Virus

I am a 26 y/o female generally healthy. As of a couple/few months ago, I ended coming down with a URV (upper respiratory virus). This virus last around 2 weeks including: runny/stuffy nose, wet cough, major sinus pressure, temp of no more than 99.8, hot flashes (not cold), and sore throat for the majority of the issues. I want to let you all know I have been a heavy marijuana smoker for 7 years (all day, every day basis). About 1.5 weeks into this virus, I was smoking and had a very severe panic attack thinking this was a heart attack since I have NEVER had one in my life before. These symptoms included: Sharp left chest pain, pain in left arm, severe cold sweat. shaking, numbness of tongue. Ever since that first panic attack, I have been in and out of my Dr's office practically every/every other week. Myself as well as my Dr. believe that I have this anxiety due to fear of having another panic attack and from being sick so very long. I was put on Lexapro 10mg, increased to 20mg after 2 weeks AND hydroxy-zine (only as needed). At this time I still continued to smoke marijuana but NOTHING like I was used to (1-2 MAX daily). I would still get these panic attacks every so often after smoking so I eventually just QUIT cold turkey (greatest feeling ever). Eventually my anxiety got less & less over the next 4 weeks with NO panic attacks after quitting the marijuana and being on the Lexapro. Went for a follow-up about 1.5 months into taking the Lexapro anxiety levels were down to a 1 (scale of 1-10) if that but still had pains in chest and left arm that left me at an un-easy feeling. Dr. said heart & lungs sounded great and it was my body still trying to recover from the URV as well as becoming a non-smoker after 7 years. I also had a sore throat that started around the time I started taking 20mg of Lexapro and Dr. pushed it off as my throat healing from being a non-smoker and/or dry mouth effects from Lexapro and said gradually I will feel better. WRONG! I have this sore throat for the next 1.5/2 weeks and turned into yet AGAIN a cold just not as severe as my last virus. This one included: SEVERE sore throat, then found single red (no white) pimple like sore on back of throat, 2 days after that red sore appeared I had white spots on my tonsils, NO infection of throat (no redness, negative for strep), runny/stuffy nose, ear pain, headaches, small dry cough, NO fever. Finally I was put onto a double strength antibiotic (amox/k clav 875/125). I am 3 days into taking this medication and feel 10x better with the exception of a dry small dry cough, and I keep blowing all this mucus out of my nose (mostly clear, occasionally slightly green ... throat mucus is thick and sometimes clear, sometimes slightly green, and sometimes clear with black believing that is from my lungs trying to clear out the nasty particles I've put in my body for years).

MY PROBLEM IS, tonight I have started feeling this damn anxiety again and have taken 1 of my hydroxy-zines which I haven't needed to take in a few weeks. I am starting to question WHY DO I FEEL NO TYPE OF ANXIETY WHEN I AM SICK, AND WHEN I FEEL BETTER IT ALL COMES BACK? Could I have thrown my thyroid out of whack? Is something more severe wrong? Is it just me? All this anxiety is new to me and I feel like something just isn't right. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY ANSWERS OR OPINIONS FOR ME?? I love my Dr. but A. she makes me feel as though its nothing and B. she just left on maturnity leave, which leaves me with a new Dr. I don't know where to turn :(
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Sometimes when a person gets sick they are so concentrated on that, that they forget about their anxiety. I hope that makes sense.
Also, when you are on a med you can have break through anxiety at times. This is not uncommon. It does not mean you will have panic attacks all the time.
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