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Anxiety And SSI/Disability

Anyone here have an anxiety disorder and on SSI or Disability and if so how did you get it? What the hell do you have to say to your doctor or the SSI Admin/Gov. to make them understand how bad you feel & that you cannot work? I do not understand is there something im missing? In 13 years ive been in & out of the mental hospital to,countless appointments ive takin a bunch of meds & nothing seems to help (except the addictive ones). I even got a lawer & went to a hearing. What does it take to get SSI/Disability?
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I'm sorry I'm really not sure... I remember awhile back my doctor was not taking my anxiety seriously and I finally said look.. If I don't get help I'm never going to be able to support myself. That finally got her attention an she has been great since. I'm sorry you're going through this? I know my friends parents had to fight really hard for their child to get on it. He had a lot of mental health problems can't remember exactly what. Anyways I know they had to fight hard but it seems like you have been too. Maybe they don't want you to give up and try to get better? Maybe it depends on the state you live in? I have no idea I'm sorry. Best of luck to you
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Yep Thanks. My big bro is on ssi and he gets around goes shopping & all kinds of stuff (He has schizophrenia) Im so weak i cant even shower & other than going to the Dr i just have been laying in bed for13 years.
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