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Anxiety Attack?!

This morning I had a meeting to attend (I'm a teacher and it was a meeting regarding a student) and during the meeting I suddenly became very light headed, it was the same feeling as before you faint. I could feel my heart beating so extremely heavy in my chest, I feel as if the other people present were able to see it too. Everything became sort of distant and blurry and I could barely grasp what the other people were saying. Then, every time I would turn my neck to the side it would pulsate and spasm violently. This was all happening and I was trying my hardest to breath and stay relaxed and calm and trying not to make a scene. I wanted so bad to excuse myself but I felt that if I stood up, I would fall over. The only thing I could do was concentrate on my breathing and the cool air coming in from the window. After about 20 minutes I began feeling better and once I started walking I was okay. Ever since however, I've been extremely tired and I have a headache. I explored the symptoms online a little and thought maybe it was some sort of anxiety attack - which I have never had before. The meeting was quite heated among some parents and as a new teacher I was nervous, but not nervous enough to become so overwhelmed - or was I? I sometimes don't realize how stressed I am in certain situations, but it didn't seem all that stressful. About 20 minutes ago, I began feeling some of the same symptoms (the neck and dizziness) but not near as severe. I could be completely off the mark, but any suggestions or ideas on what could be going on - this has never happened to me before. Thanks!
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I had that happen once and asked the speaker to give me a break for a minute. I was fine afterward and have never looked back.
If you think there is deep meaning in it and keep searching for clues, it might become a self-fulfilling prophesy of sorts, if you become an anxious person who keeps worrying. My advice is to forget it if you can and assume it was from stress and over concentration at that moment.
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There's no way to answer that for us, but if you weren't feeling very anxious it wasn't an anxiety attack.  But it was something -- could be you didn't eat enough that day or exercised too much or didn't get enough sleep or are coming down with something.  If the symptoms continue, and you aren't feeling very anxious, then I'd see a doctor, but anxiety attacks go along with a great deal of dread and anxiety.
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