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Anxiety Attack?

I worked out for the first time in a long time on Tuesday, and the following day I felt very weak and tired.  I slept in late and never ate anything until dinner around 7.  By then I was shaky and I was hungry but I didn't have an appetite whatsoever.  My stomach had been hurting in my upper abdomen and I figured it was just because I was sore from working out.  I had headaches and was hot and cold off and on for that day and the next.  I had dark stool and was on and off constipated or had diarreah.  I was emotional and crying and I felt like the world was just going to eat me alive.  I was scared and paranoid almost, and have not been on any medication other than ibuprofen.  I was even grinding my teeth and at night I found it impossible to fall aslee.  I am okay now, at least much better.  I am wondering if it is true that I had an anxiety attack?  I'd love to go see a doctor but I have no insurance and not much money to spend at the Doctors and RX's.

Thank You!
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Natalie- Very FIRST thing you do is EAT...You just described IN ORDER a classic panic attcak...Eat...PROTEIN...sliced trukey would be good. I have had these issues for 20 years...sometimes when you are in the middle of it...the last thing you want to do is eat...But trust me...Turkey, some juice, and you'll sleep better and feel better
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Thanks, yeah I have been eating since yesterday.  I feel better.  It was hell though.  I don't wanna be all addicted to anti anxiety meds.  Any other remedies??  Other than God I guess lol
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Yes, Natalie...there are a million other remedies...May i suggest a book? Take a look online...Its good that you are excercising...Get plenty of rest... try a multi-vitamin...
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And I have another couple...Try wearing sunglasses in bright places...or chewing gum. (I know that one seems weird, but it helps get your mind off of it) Whatever you do, DONT PANIC...you are not going crazy. And yes...God does help!

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I have a SLEW of Anxiety specialists in my corner...My MD did his ungergrad work in Panic disorder, My therapist wrote a fantastic book, My OBGYN is a menapause and anxiety specialist...LOL...only in Los ANgeles, right? LOL but they all help in their own way. For example, do you know why you may not want to eat when you get anxiety? WHen you get anxiety, gases build up in your stomache...causing you to feel full and sometimes sick...But if that happens to you again, try ENSURE...its quick LIQUID protein.

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Yeah one of my main symptoms was my stomach was killing me and making tons of noises as if it was empty.  I just couldn't eat.  I was really weak too.  What is the book that your therapist wrote?
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Its "Panic Free" by Lynne freeman...She's great. Good Luck!
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I have the same problem when I have panic attacks and residual anxiety.  I just can't force myself to eat.  That's why so many people with anxiety lose weight quickly.  You can always tell when I am feeling good. I get back to my normal weight.  If you can find a way to eat and get decent sleep it helps alot.  I take fish oil and B12, too.
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