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Anxiety Attacks and Zoloft

I went to my Dr. the other day because I have been having anxiety attacks every week due to over-stress.  He prescribed me zoloft.  Now being on it for the second day, I am wondering if this is the right choice.  I have read different side effects and am not sure if I should continue taking this or deal with the anxiety attacks.  Any one can help, please.
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Take it and see if it works, if not try another. People usually have to try diff ones before they find the right one for them. everyones body chemistry is diff. PLEASE dont read side effects it makes your anxiety worse!!!! Another option is Natural ways to ease stress which i have been trying because i have had bad reactions from side effects of 2 anti-depressants. Google "natural ways to ease Panic" and you will find all kinds of stuff
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If you learn not to be afraid and how to control your attacks you will be fine and they might even stop...
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I have started taking B-6 and Calcium.  I read that it is suppose to help.  We will see.
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I had taken 2 - 25mg, one each morning.  I had to stop taking it.  It made me disconnected with my self, tingling in fingers, nausea, and just the sense of me not being me.  It had taken me three days to finally start feeling my self.  Wow, what powerful stuff and I had only taken half the doose.  The thing is, my anxiety attacks are not triggered by any thing.  All of a sudden, I will tremble and then all of my other symptons come crashing in.  My mother takes Xanax daily.  May be I should ask my Dr. for the same.

ManicPanic247, you are right.  I should not do the research and just see what happens.

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I have had anxiety attacks since my early 20's, so I understand where you are coming from. My anxiety attacks come out from nowhere too.  I have no idea what triggers them. I seem to have most of them while driving,not a good thing. I almost stopped driving because of that. But a friend helped me to start back driving one mile at a time. Now they happen at any time, I have learned a few breathing excercises to help until my meds kick in.I dont know if mine will ever go away but I keep hoping for something that will help.
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