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I turned 21 a few months ago, prior to this I started feeling really unusually low. I would lock myself in my room and cry about everything. I thought these episodes were because I didn't want to turn 21 and blamed it on growing up. As my birthday neared, these low points would get me really stressed and what could be depression turned to anxiety. I've never had problems with my sleeping, and recently I can't sleep because my brain is overdrive thinking and worrying constantly. I've not had any panic attacks but I've been close. I'm not sure if feeling this anxious about my life is just apart of growing up? However, during all of this I've started hallucinating, it doesn't occur only at night so I know they're not night terrors. I see black shadows, bats, snakes and spiders. I'm not sure if hallucinations can be stress or depression related? I'm a university student living in a student house and I thought all of this would go when I moved back home with my family for christmas, and it hasn't. I don't know what to do anymore and I feel like i'm going crazy and like i'm losing all sense of reality. It's always on my mind and I hate it.
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BB, I agree with Matty that you should take a proactive approach and see a counselor/doctor so you can get on the road to recovery. Best wishes!
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Sounds like anxiety to me, mixed with some depression about your age. I'm 24 and have recently started dealing with the same kind of stuff. College/work/and other things put a lot of stress in our lives and when we hit our early twenties I think our minds start going into overdrive thinking about life and where we are headed. I've dealt with the overactive thinking and the breakdowns and a lot of it is major anxiety. Anxiety turns into depression and its all just kind of a vicious cycle. I went to the doctor and got help, 15mg of Lexapro. At first I was against using any form of medication to help with my problems but after taking it for a while I can say it has helped me. Maybe you should go to a doctor and discuss? If not, try to find something that helps ease your mind when it starts going into overdrive. Like meditation, reading, or something that helps your mind get off it. I know how scary it can get sometimes. You arn't going crazy! But it can sometimes feel like that I know. As for the hallucinations it could be an effect of your mind going a million miles a minute, when you worry about seeing things anxiety kicks in and that might only make it worse. I hope you find some relief soon!
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