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Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder

I have medi-cal at no cost. And I NEED help with this social anxiety disorder ive looked up the symptoms online and it seems as if that is what i am suffering from. So my question is do I go to my regular doctor and he will send me to a psychiatrist? Im so lost, please help
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If you can see a psychiatrist without a referral from your personal physician, I recommend you do so.

He/she is best qualified to diagnosis emotional/mental disorders.

However, it is up to you.  Maybe you will feel more comfortable in your doctor's office, discussing your fears.  Then going on to a specialist.  I believe many doctors in general practice hear their patient's worries about symptoms they have found online.  This can work against you to a point. They may tell you to stop checking out symptoms online and send you on your way.  

When you see a psychiatrist, you have the advantage of talking with a specialist; one who deals with every kind of mental disorder.  Mine asks me not to rely on what I read online..LOL.        Good luck.  
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